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Started by ew, December 14, 2014, 04:29:40 PM

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gutentag ichb werde-möchte gern ein container anhaeger haben


Wenn du keine eigenen paks machen willst, wirst du aus vorhanden paksets einzelne Fahrzeuge kopieren und in dein pakset Ordner einfügen müssen.

The way to add this without making paks yourself is to find a pakset, copy out the appropriate individual vehicle paks and insert them into your pakset folder.


moin! - ich befürchte, die pak128.german Macher treffen sich im deutschem Forum, genauer gesagt hier:
Da bekommst Du sicherlich auch eine Detaillierte Antowort, ich glaube da kursieren sogar schon Listen, was man sich dafür am besten herüber kopiert...

hi! i guess the pak128.german devs don't check this forum frequently, just take a look at the german one:
even it is german the people will answer you in english too, so don't worry.


in  version 8 ist mir aufgefallen das die MB actros night reagiert auf das auswahl schield


Are you sure that it is a problem of that single truck? For ST it does not make any difference which vehicle passes a choose signal. Try to replace the MB Actros by an other truck and watch its behaviour. If the choose road sign is still ignored, there might be a problem with its place.


The year 1986: Magirus Iveco dump truck with a postal semitrailer.


select 'Put in front'

all trailers which are not marked yellow/green can be attached to trucks

constraint[prev] not defined for this trailer


1990: tanker truck & curtain sider, concrete truck & tanker semitrailer, 2010: timber lorry & silo semitrailer.
Most trailers need constraint corrections.


You are right. We are going to work on it.