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New version 0.7 is out - now also in English

Started by michelstadt, December 27, 2014, 10:21:50 PM

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A new version of PAK128.german has been released today. You will find it on sourceforge:
For the first time an is among the files so the set can be played in English.

More information could be found on the german forum:

Enjoy it and have fun.


Bug: The coach (Kutsche, available 1600-1955) and post coach, or what should be the matching team of horses, are mis-coded.  You can build one only by selecting "Put in Front" as the purchase mode; this builds a the team of horses (Pferdegespann) in front of the coach, but the horses have a red line below them and the combination cannot operate.


Thank you for your report. The bug is fixed. You can download the attached pak file and keep on having fun.


There has been a bug concerning timeline. So we recommend to download the actual version at the same place on sourceforge. Sorry for the inconvenience.