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How to flush or update a server listing?

Started by benjad, January 07, 2015, 10:02:26 PM

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My IP address changed on a server game I was testing out.  I restarted the game with the new IP address, and it claims to be on the network.  I can also reaching it by manually typing the IP address in. So how do I flush the old record (IP) out of the server listing, and update it with the new one.  Announce is on. 


bump... anyone.. old IP is still in listing, and I'm guessing it won't let the new IP in until the old one is flushed out.


It should eventually time out as "offline" and the new one take its place. Eventually dead entries should die permanently after a week or so.


The listing server should allow you to put a new server online with a different IP address. Are you sure you changed the server DNS to the new IP address at the command line and/or in simuconf?
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Finally got to look into it today.   IP address off by 1.  DOAH!

That being said, maybe offline servers should be removed from list after 48 hours...  over a week seems to be a bit much.