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Author Topic: Freight To Affect Passenger/Mail Generation  (Read 1937 times)

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Freight To Affect Passenger/Mail Generation
« on: January 08, 2015, 09:37:04 PM »
Now with dat setting on industry buildings, passenger and mail delivery can affect the freight out put. This was great feature and
I'm very attached to how this plays in my game. Connecting and serving industries with passenger and mail now feels much meaningful as they out put to meet the consumer demand to support the growth(I suppress growth to make it controllable and to make feel each growth more valuable). It makes elements of game more interconnected and helps creating complexity to simulation of economy.

To put this further, how about if freight delivery affected passenger/mail generation?
Say, selected special buildings required freight(s) to perform its intended passenger/mail level. Those buildings with under service of freight
delivery will attract  no or less passenger/mail, in other word game would not generate potential passenger/mail which count to growth.

For example, a hospital of pass/mail level of potential max of 500/500. But it requires medical supplies to work at 500/500.
If it is not served, large portion of potential pass/mail going to and from this building is cancelled and all cities will lose growth
opportunity out of this destination.

Following could comes to
A. Special building (cur parameter ones)
B. Industrial and Commercial city building

which could use some following detail
A. This is dependent on probability of appearance. More suitable for larger and high pass/mail level buildings.
B. Certain percentage of buildings above designated level will require some freights.

  Example for B: This ordinary commercial city building of level 20 requires papers and furniture to work as level 20.
                          If not served at all, it will work only as level 1 building. Losing all potential passenger/mail generation.

This could potentially help doing followings.
1. More diverse and versatile freight end consuming points for new kind of service requirements.
2. With freight production by mail/pass delivery, it creates even more complexity to economy. Helping simple simulating economy with simplistic
3. Smaller and more numerous end freight consumption points will help increasing the difficulty of supply for intended use.
    Planning of freight center will be an requirement even in smaller maps. Enabling freight trains visiting various freight terminal transporting
    freights aka passenger/mail style.
4. This could replace or reduce usage of existing way of placing final freight consumer points which have chance to place too many factories
    at later stage of the game.
5. Give more meaning to C and I city buildings. Being something more than a graphical representation of commercial and industry.

Additionally, working with above, if it is possible to set so that passengers from residential would prefer going to either commercial and
industrial city building, it would work even great.