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Join Laskoski Server (Tatooine gameplay)

Started by Laskoski, January 27, 2015, 09:03:18 PM

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I've just start simutrans on my linux server. It is running pak128, 15 fps and I'll try keep it running every day.


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I would recommend coming up with some rules for play on your server. As much as we hate them they are needed to stop people messing around and spoling the server for everyone. Especially recently there has been a number of "trolls" roaming Simutrans multiplayer to such an extent that Moblet and 50 were forced to restrict players to prevent it.

You might also want to specify the obvious such as what pakset you are using, what version of simutrans, what map settings (JIT2 if nightly?) etc. This can help people decide if they want to play or not as they might not like some map settings.


Information about the server is described at Simutrans Server page:

There are not specific rules for this game. Public service control power line transmission.

Map is 384x384 size and it is a desert.

The simutranns pak is 128 2.5.2 New landscape, version 120.0.1 r 7373.

I will try to keep this game running 24 hours on my server. Let's enjoy simutrans!


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