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[visual] Truck overshooting in Truckstops and on dead ends

Started by Aquin, January 26, 2015, 06:31:59 PM

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The problem is truck graphics on roads pointing at the lower right can extend into the next tile quite a bit.
So when trucks stop in a cargo bay they their wheels become visible under the wall of the cargo bay.
And when they turnaround at a dead end they drive over alot of grass before they turn around.

The Hood

I'd noticed something similar recently with trains. I think there may be something with how all the vehicles are aligned in the png and the way the code deals with it having been changed at some point. It probably needs standard offsets to be applied to every vehicle, but that would be an epic job...


I did try doing this as an experiement with narrow gauge vehicles (since there were not a great many of the same type), and this is now implemented in Experimental. It did not solve the graphical problems in Experimental on reversing, so I did not take it further, but you could experiment with these offsets to see whether this works better.

In principle, standard offsets could be applied automatically using regular expressions, although those are notoriously tricky to use.
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