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Started by z9999, August 15, 2008, 07:59:57 AM

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This isn't a bug.

I loaded very old game (maybe 86.09 or so), but it failed to replace some objects and simutrans crashed.
I added them to, and it could be loaded.

These four items below caused to crash.

MJHN Deltic

This item below was removed.

Patricks Rock


Thank you. Somehow my did crippled during the last months and the moving, it seems.

Patricks_Rock is still there. Hmm.

The crash is probably rather a simutrans error, if there is a building requested with a too high level. I will look into it.


Quote from: prissi on August 15, 2008, 09:14:38 AM
Patricks_Rock is still there. Hmm.

I apologize. Yes, it is, and my was a little broken.
Okay, I re-installed rev87, and Patricks Rock is Okay now. Thanks.

"MJHN Deltic" problem is this. simutrans stops at here.
Warning: vehikel_t::rdwr():   no vehicle pak for 'MJHN Deltic' search for something similar

One more problem is old "Doubledeck city bus". It was replaced by "Gelenkbus_Ende".