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Pak192.comic Staff

Started by Leartin, February 11, 2015, 05:16:22 PM

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Since it was thought I am the maintainer of pak192.comic, it seemed like writing a list who actually is the maintainer and who contributes was in order.

Maintainer, Pixler, Cleanup

Founder, Cleanup

Alex Brose

Pixler, Cleanup


Work in progress. This is the current core, but there are others who pixel, others who pixelled in the past, or did other work for the pak. Mainly I wanted a statement that I am NOT maintainer, I just have a looser mouth on this forum :D

Commander Noddy

Leartin, dont be so serious.... You've been given great effort on pak192:) In the eyes of players, you like a maintainer:)

May The Force Be With You Always!


A lot of effort, yes, to include whatever I want in the pakset. Creating new content is not the same as maintaining though. While I think I am a mayor asset to the pakset, I'm just helping it to grow and expand. There is much groundwork I never touched, and with my many aims I'm also terribly lazy, so quite often others have to rescue firefly swarms from the winter cold.
Bottom line, I just do the flashy things people are going to see, while there is a lot of work in the background nobody is going to notice, but is essential nevertheless. Thus, it really needs to be clear that it's not my pakset, I am not maintainer, just contributer.