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[SOLVED]Oil and fluid foods won't transport-Station buildings don't help

Started by ABJ, February 15, 2015, 05:42:00 PM

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Hi all
I came here to tell about this FATAL bug, I must say, for it has almost CRIPPLED my copy of pak128. I'm using Simutrans120 blahblahblah
and I first came across this bug in it's destructive form in an attempt to get up the business of transporting meat and milk to Kentucky-er-Simutrans Fried Chicken.
Even before, I had actually noticed something weird but at that time. You see, I could use the "coal station" and any other "special" buildings for ANYTHING! :D.
So, back to the problem. I was using a little train with some referigerator cars and fluid food cars. I started operating it; and then the trouble began! My station is full of meat, and devoid of milk. Look in the train. Meat cars full, milk cars dry. Add a fluid foods building. Big round tank, full of meat. My po train is going half empty. Restart the game and try again. Same results. Delete Simutrans cache and try again. STILL same. Try transporting oil. KABOOOOOOM!!! Disaster. Empty. And all the while, solid goods working fine, pax working fine.
The main point is, the station extension buildings in my copy seem messed up. What do I do? Is this my fault? Has this happened before? Is there a fix? Or is this for the devs? :)
Don't get me wrong, I LOVE this pak. Diagonal roads and $1 per km 5000hp locos are a novelty. And so are 400 km/h bullets. But this is so pakripplingly stupid :'(

EDIT: KABLAM! It's been "fixed". I logged in to Pak128 today and IT WORKS!! Dunno why but at least now I'm not nostalgic :D. And I've started a breezy oil route that's giving me good money :) :D
And thanx for the Simutrans community for helping me out :) :) :)

Isaac Eiland-Hall

To address a little bit - what I can:

Station buildings do not apply to specific goods; rather, they apply to one of the three main types of transportables: passengers, mail, or goods. They also expand the total size of a station by some amount. Other than that, they are eye candy. So basically, this is expected behaviour on that point.

I think we're going to have to end up needing more details to try and figure out what's going on. I see you're a new member of the forum, so I don't know if you're also a new player of Simutrans or not. Is this a fresh installation of Simutrans, or have you upgraded anything? To what do you refer to as the "cache" that you deleted?


I think my post was a bit unstructured and confused, now I come to think of it.
Back to the topic.
As for the station buildings, I know that it's any-freight eye candy as I have played long enough to understand that :), but as it is, the problem here is that although stations and buildings will load ANYTHING except oil and fluids. Which is a murderous shame.
About the second question, I am a new player(only started this year) and can't handle extreme situations and complex systems yet, but I have set up at least one profitable tram network and a couple short highly profitable oil routes in Pak64. My installation is a fresh one with no previous versions installed. And the "cache" is the game folder in Documents library with saves and stuff. (You see deleting cache has solved some game problems before on other games.)
And also, what do you mean by "Other details"? My OS is Windows 7 Ultimate 64 bit Service Pack 1 if you need that :)

P.S. My forum posts might be a bit confusing because I don't write this long help posts often :)


One possible reason milk is not loading is because the milk storage at the destination/downstream dairy is full. Check the information window of that dairy. It should state something like the following (the actual numbers can be different):

  - Milk 1666/1079/1579m3, 108%

If the first number (1666 in this case) is greater than the third number (1579 in this case), then milk will stop loading.


Hmm that's strange. Because SFC was empty. And don't forget when it was there it was the same with oil too :)


Uhmm. I'm not sure if SFC is serving milk shakes... It may be so that it accepts only meat.


Lets recheck........I remember SFC showing milk but maybe I wasn't looking properly...................