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Started by tonu, August 03, 2012, 06:44:26 PM

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I connected a dairy with a cattle yard and a glass mill and I noticed that the dairy consumes glass and milk independently. If I only supply milk, the factory consumes it without caring if there is glass or not, and vice versa. It would be as an iron foundary, where the coal and the iron are consumed only togheter (and in a proportion).
I play the last version (111.3.1) with the last version of pak 128

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It is not a true bug. It is caused by missing of next element of chain. Dairy is last element of chain and so it consumes both materials in a independent way - like shopping mall or supermarket.

This can be solved only by total change of this chain - with re-editting of dairy (with adding of next good) and adding of next factory. ... But all people capable to do that are already busy with else work.

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Yes, we could change the dairy to produce a new good named... let's say "bottled_milk" out of the milk and glass it receives... and make it deliverable to... e.g. the supermarket. Not really all that much work, but without the pak team (mainly VS) agreeing on this, I would not do this (even though I'm actually fully capable of doing it ;-) )
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Is there any particular reason why dairy and bakery are NOT connected to supermarket?


I think that it was because it is not good to supermarket (or any else final consumer) would accept more than three goods.

Chybami se člověk učí - ale někteří lidé jsou nepoučitelní


Factory chains could be overhauled.

Next week I'll try to make a good proposition to discuss together...


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Remake of Dairy and Bakery was in my focus for a while and today I was working on it. What about this?


In my own fork of pak64 I've "made" a dairy shop which receives "dairy products" (cooled goods). The dairy also delivers at the supermarket. I also "made" a bakery shop which receives "bread" (boxed goods). The bakery delivers at the supermarket too. The supermarket receives 9 different goods in total. This is nowadays quite playable as end-consumers extend one good at the time.

"made" means I cloned the shops from pak128, halved them and give them my own data...
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I think the supermarket already has quite a number of industries attached... I'm not sure if adding several new ones would be such a good idea... but that's not my decision to make. Of course it would be realisitc, but I wonder if it would also be desirable in game... I really don't know.
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When I played, only for a little bit, pak128.Britian, I was amazed at how robust the industry is in comparison to standard pak128.  One of the really fun things for me is figuring out how to keep from "dead heading" vehicles/trains/ships.  So as much as I agree that there are enough goods going to super markets, it sure would be nice to have another route available.

One store that is popular here and has been for many years is the mini-mart.  I think it actually replaced the old country store which allowed people to buy food essentials without having to ride/drive their horses/buggies all way to town.  Maybe that would be a possibility?


Roads: check the link I posted yesterday, or download from here (samoska). It is a small shop selling bread and milk. It was inspired also by pak128.britain. I do not like the fact that one supermarket consumes the whole production of 1-2 breweries, so I balanced it the other way round - one bakery can feed 10 shops.



Looks like it is going to be great!  I've put it in my pak128 directory and at first I couldn't click it on the map.  I could see it in factory list...I had only added samoska.chain.pak but then I also added factory.samoska.pak and so far so good.

Will post if there are any problems.

Thank you very much!

MODIFY:  I'm having some difficulty.  I've copied the two files I mentioned above plus factory.bakery.pak, factory.dairy.pak, good.break.pak and good.dairy_products.pak in my pak128 directory.  I can only see the samoska on list of factories and I cannot connect it to either the default bakery or the dairy.  I am still playing a game from November of last year and that is where I tried this.  I have the latest stable release but haven't played it yet.  If you think the game version is the problem, please let know.


Hm, maybe the combined samoska.chain.pak is broken. Please use the unpacked files alone (2x good, 3x factory).
And the shop is only one tile large so it might be a challenge to see it ;)


It is small but no problem seeing the shop.  I just cannot connect it to either the pak128 default dairy or bakery.  Also there are not any new dairies or bakeries listed on industry list.


You have to replace the standard dairy and bakery with mine. It uses the same graphics, only dat is modified.
However it won't change factories in your savegames. You have to destroy them and build new one as public player.



Yes samoska is really small. It was planed like city building ;)


It is small because I wanted to have a small shop to provide a different playing experience compared to big supermarket and shopping mall. Something like the shops in pak128.britain. Those are also 1x1 and almost unrecognizable from regular city buildings.


Ahhh, gotcha.  Thanks again.