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Started by AK, February 20, 2015, 05:56:19 PM

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I started test server on my windows just for check config etc.,but my upload is 1 mbps so...
Let's back to my FreeBSD64 shell account.Some time ago I had 3 OTTD servers there with several active clients,~20 companies,quite big maps and more than thousand ships total (ship pathfinding takes most resources).It worked very fine with any problems.I don't have this shell anymore but i'm ready to buy it again,because I dont like to play alone and there is no servers.
As I have written before I had problem with compiling sources on this server.Now I saw that some guy named : did a package for FreeBSD ( which I will try to check first on VirtualBSD.

So my questions are :

Do you want new server(s) ? If there is no need I will not start doing this.

Will somebody give me good balanced config(s) to start server(s) ?
May i have basic help with admining no-display server ?
Is active on this board ?

and lots of other questions later :)


Quote from: AK on February 20, 2015, 05:56:19 PM
Will somebody give me good balanced config(s) to start server(s) ?


I'm not happy with default.I would prefer prepared config instead of DIY(there are too many variables).

Michael 'Cruzer'

You need to start with the settings in config.default (which are the build settings) then compile it and then adopt the to your needs. However there is no prepared config.default or config.template for you, you will need to adopt them to your needs if you want to fiddle the maximum out of your box.

A good start is to disable the user interface in the config.default and compile Simutrans as a GUI-less application. Another good point to start is to limit the ticks per second rate of the server to something like 15 or 20 (depending on your and the players internet connection) since a higher rate of ticks per seconds mens more traffic most go over the wire while playing.
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