Author Topic: Dogstar's pak.german metro manufacture ("Fahrzeugfabrik")  (Read 1400 times)

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Dogstar's pak.german metro manufacture ("Fahrzeugfabrik")
« on: February 24, 2015, 09:59:32 PM »
I want to show here some AddOns for pak.german :)
(Just wanted to say that I don't know when I will show new Trains/Stations ;))

I've made 20 Trains(37 Wagons) for pak.german S-Bahn.
The Munich Class C and the old S-Bahn Trains are not by me !

Here's a list what I've made:
BVG Class AI (1902)
BVG Class AI "Schoeneberg Type" (1910)
BVG Class AI Wagon (1902)
BVG Class AI Red Smoke Wagon (1902)
BVG Class B (1928)
BVG Class B Wagon (1928)
BVG Class C (1930)
BVG Class D (1957)
BVG Class A3 (1962)
BVG Class F (1975)
BVG Class G (1983)
BVG Class H (1996)
HHA Class T1 (1912)
HHA Class T6 (1912)
HHA Class TU1 (1946)
HHA Class TU2 (1946)
HHA Type DT1 (1958)
HHA Type DT5 (2012)
Munich Class A (1970)
Munich Class B (1980)

Don't have a Download at Time,because BVG Class H and G and BR 485(S-Bahn) actually have Graphic problems and both BVG Trains aren't shown on my picture.

I just wanted to know if you like my Trains or where I have to correct some pixels ;)
HHA DT2-DT4 are planned.

If you want one U-Bahn in your favorite color or something else,just send me a PM.