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New Players Private Server-Interest?

Started by rewrew421, March 19, 2015, 11:39:54 PM

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Would any casual or new players be interested in a slow pace Pak128 private server?


As far as I am aware people like Fifty had plans for such a server already but are currently too busy.



Location of server?  Connection speed?

Personally not looking to join right now as I'm hosting a bunch.  But I am starting to learn that geography is important. 


I dont have anything set up at this moment, but the point of this would be to play together and learn from each other. I have been playing for years off and on but I know very little about the game or how to even play it successfully.


The point is great :)   but a slow connection half way around the globe will cripple it.  Location and connection speed are important.  There may be players right now who do not play online  because of large amounts of lag anytime they try to build something.


I would recommended at least 100 kilobytes/s (800 kilobits/s dedicated upload for a reasonably reliable server). To prevent congestion you would want an actual connection upload speed of 300-400 kilobytes/s (2.4-3.2 megabits/s). This means that only cable or fibre optic ADSL or better users can really run servers. More upload is needed for big maps so that they can be downloaded in a reasonable time. Also it is highly unlikely you will get a good server on any form of wireless connection, be it mobile or LAN.

It is important that your connection is not congested and reliable. The synchronization used by Simutrans is quite poor so any form of unreliability delivering packets between server and clients can cause them to go out of sync.