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Bug Report: Some 1860s-1870s period engines not as powerful as they should be

Started by thunderkiller1996, March 29, 2015, 12:34:51 AM

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Hullo folks,
I've been playing Pak128.Britain a bit lately, but unfortunately there is a little bug I have come across.

This bug is pretty much one that affects some earlier period steam engines. When I try to select one of these engines, there is a little issue that comes up, as seen in the attachment below.

I believe the issue is most likely the fact that some of these engines aren't "geared"-for example I can carry a decent load of passengers with a weaker LBSCR "Standard Passenger" engine than with the newer "Belgravia" type, and that is most likely because the latter engine is geared.

I know it might not be the world's most important bug but it would be good to see the gearing in some of these old beauties corrected, so that I can pull decent LBSCR loads with a Belgravia, or decent MR loads with a Class 22.