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Pak128 Skycrapers Further Project 2015

Started by Commander Noddy, June 14, 2015, 04:11:41 AM

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Commander Noddy

Hi everyone! It seems there is many skycrapers which are not in pak128. SNFOs skycrapers is very great. However, I prefer more skycrapers to be created. For example, the World Trade Centre of New York, 1 World Trade Centre, etc. They are famous among everyone, and it is a symbol of peace and life. Can everyone start doing addons on that one? Thank you.

May The Force Be With You Always!


French Elements Creator :
-By Rail with trains and trams : X3800 Picasso and BB36000 Astride - trams from Nantes, St Etienne, Strasbourg, Montpellier, Lyon, Bordeaux, Le Mans, Reims...
-By Road with Trucks : Main painter for the "french trucks company", with trucks from 50ies (Willeme "Squale Nose") to 2000 (Renault AE500 "Magnum) and a lot of trailers... and with Trolley and Buses : Irisbus Cristalis, Man Lion's City, Irisbus Magelys...
- Industry : Collaborator for french food with Wine and Cheese...

Isaac Eiland-Hall

To expand on what gwalch said: Our community is small. We do not have people sitting around waiting for ideas on things to do. For the most part, those who are willing and able to do things already have long lists of things they'd like to do, had they more time and energy and availability.

Thus, you will find that suggestions for things to do - especially things of this nature, i.e. things that anyone can theoretically create - are not particularly welcome here.

I'm not saying that new ideas are not always disliked; but requests for people to make things usually do not succeed for the reasons mentioned in my first paragraph. If you want more skyscrapers, then you can certainly learn how to make them.

I'm always glad to see someone enthused about Simutrans; so please don't take this as an old guy trying to shut you up. Just explain why a request like this is probably not going to go anywhere. :)


I have a few half-finished skyscrapers that I have been working on but have never been 100% satisfied enough with them to release them as finished.  I've been too busy lately to get back at them, but hopefully this fall I will have some time again to revisit them, as well as some other projects I am working on.  An extra set of hands making graphics would certainly be helpful!
Current projects: Pak128 Trees, blender graphics


QuoteSNFOs skycrapers is very great.
Thanks. (I'm still surprised to see people supporting this addon :p ).

I won't repeat what Isaac said, I agree with him.
You can find here tutorials to make your own addons, please start with "introduction". For skyscraper, you should learn how to use a 3D modeling software like Blender (there is a blender tutorial on this forum, you can find it on the page I linked previously), there are also plenty of tutorials on the internet. To go from the 3D model to the Simutrans addons, just follow the tutorials.


[EN] Just go to the Japan page and you will find many skyscrapers to your taste! All work from Pak 128!

[DE] Einfach auf der Japan Seite gehen findest du viele Wolkenkratzer nach deinem Geschmack ! Funktionieren alle von Pak 128 !

Isaac Eiland-Hall

This is an English-language board. I do not want to have to translate your messages for you. Please respect the rules of the forum and post in the language of the board, using language tags. If this behaviour continues, I will remove messages rather than translate them.

While we don't mind bumping old topics, please realize that this is a topic from 2015 and a reply that is not amazingly hugely helpful or specific. This bump was not really helpful. The user in question has not even logged in here for many months.