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TGV set

Started by Zeno, March 31, 2010, 02:24:24 PM

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Vaclav: I don't think it's darker, but the different lighting depending on the train direction. Anyway, the change (if exists) must be very small (I didn't notice it). About the cars, I don't understand very well what you say, but let me explain how this vehicle is created: there are the engine heads, one for front and another for back, and two mail cars, one with a big black banner with the text "LA POSTE" (car B) and another without the banner (car A). There are no limitations on car adding, so you could use the development configuration (head-carB-carA-carA-carB-back) or another configuration completely different by using only A cars or B cars or in other orders (head-carA-carB-back). I hope this can give answer to your doubts :)


He means the cars which are just behind the front and just before the back. See Haru's TGV PSE in pak128 for example : there are special cars behind the front and before the back.


Oh, he means I didn't paint any motorized cars next to the head/tail? Well, just simplified the model; I did with the Eurostar but I really think it doesn't worth the effort. It might be more realist, but you get complex compositions with a high number of different cars, which I think is more confusing.

I know it can be disappointing, because of course you can still prefer more realism despite complexity, I understand that point of view. On the other hand, please feel free to modify the sources and add these wagons if you think it's really worthy.



just have this :

front-special car with LA POSTE logo-car-special car-back

special cars aren't motorized.


Zeno, could you to try to paint Acela Express?

Link to technical informations

Chybami se člověk učí - ale někteří lidé jsou nepoučitelní


At the moment I'm quite busy with the ship set, and the next thing are some old emu/dmus, which the pak also lacks of. Btw, I didn't know about these trainset type in USA, which is nice to know. I will add it to my "candidates" list, but I can't promise it will be "selected".

Isaac Eiland-Hall

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