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general survey on the continuation of the Wiki

Started by Frank, September 18, 2015, 02:33:10 PM

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The wiki has a very low level of participation in the substantive care.

Therefore, I must always decide on the future of the deployment / software support, since the content increasingly outdated.

Therefore, I have a general survey created which is open until October 30th 2015th.

general survey on the continuation of this Wiki


Please feel free in her language forum. Translate the questions if required, since it applies to all languages.

Example for the last question see here ( de )
existing wiki help

Das Wiki hat eine sehr geringe Beteiligung bei der inhaltlichen Pflege.

Deshalb muss ich grundsätzlich über die weitere Zukunft der Bereitstellung/Softwarebetreuung entscheiden, da der Inhalt zunehmend veraltet.

Daher habe ich eine generelle Umfrage erstellt die bis 30. Oktober 2015 offen ist.

Bitte verlinken sie auch in ihr Sprachforum. Übersetzen sie die Fragen falls dies erforderlich ist, da es alle Sprachen betrifft.

Beispiele für die letzte Frage siehe hier
existierende Wiki Hilfe


Some of the English is confusing.

"The content is outdated, I'm ready to work on the content with." Is this on the basis of: "Der Inhalt ist veraltet, ich bin bereit(or: es ist  für mich möglich) mit dem Inhalt zu arbeiten."?

Maybe: "The content is outdated, but I can work with/learn from it." would be a better way of wording it.

The German content is outstandingly good, with the pictures great and very in-depth.


sorry for my bad english

It is asked whether you wish to update and expand the content.

If I change that now is the poll reset.


sorry for my bad english, here the questions in german

1 Soll dieses Wiki weiter bestehen?
2 Der Inhalt ist teilweise veraltet, ich bin bereit den Inhalt zu aktualisieren
3 Soll der Entwicklerteil für alle Sprachen hier geführt werden, um ihn leichter zu übersetzen
4 Soll der normale Inhalt in mehr Sprachen übersetzt werden?
5 Ich will an diesem Wiki mitarbeiten
6 Ich benötige mehr Hilfe zu Tikiwiki ( Wiki Software ) als vorhanden ist
7 Ich bin bereit die Führung eines Wikiteils zu übernehmen

sorry about 2 and 5 is identical


The problem I see with writing documentation is that there are multiple pak sets with different best practices (due to differing costs and shipping rates), further complicated by individual opinions and interests, as well as numerous configuration settings. Different pak sets also means that features may be located on different tool bars and have different hotkeys, complicating writing of descriptions for how to locate and activate a tool. Illustrating the documentation is also pak set dependent, making possibly impossible for readers to recognize the corresponding object in his own game.


Basis for the documentation is pak64 in german wiki. The english wiki much pak128 used.

Deviations can be noted. Furthermore, there is an extra section to address specifics of pak sets.

pak set section

pak set overview de
pak set overview en


The content of the Paksets is quite easy to get (most things will be found with playing the Pak or changing the language into a non-supportet-one). Also many Paksets still have frequently active developers, you can ask in case. You just need someone, who'll write that down.


I think there is no problem, if user 1 writes and user 2 then formatted. User 3 then inserts images.

So Wiki should work yes.