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Sources of the Pak128.Sweden-Ex

Started by Ves, September 10, 2015, 09:14:52 PM

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I have now uploaded the pre alphaalphaalpha version of the sources of Pak128.Sweden-Ex to Github, following this link:

Requirements: Simutrans Experiemental current release version.

Please do note that this is a pakset under development and many features, such as economy and factories, citybuildings, townhalls entire transport forms etc are missing or only in a very early stage. Therefore use it at your own risk (as always ;) )! But nevertheless, it does load in Simutrans Experiemental and currently work as a sandbox mode. Just be aware that any saves you make, not necessarily will be compatible with future releases!
The pakset is uploaded to help the development from more people, but also so people can take a look and maybe inspire someone to contribute! There are lots of tasks to do of many kinds if someone is interrested, just ask! :)

If someone has other questions or comments, your welcome!

Edit2: Now it should work to download it as a zip and everything should compile!


Goods cars = goods wagons
Passenger car = passenger carriage ('car' for wagon and carriage is an americanism, a truncating of carriage)
Motorcars = Multiple-unit/railcar (a motorcar is actually a term for an automobile, rather than a term for a motorised carriage in a MU, I assume you direct-translated this from motorvagn, though)

Running cost of some of the MU's seem quite high, should probably halve it (try to keep a motor-section under 1.25, especially commuter one's like the X1/10 should be quite cheap, in keeping with Pak.Britain standards).


Yes I translated all names directly from Swedish! Although it's not a big problem to change the names.
I haven't done any costs at all. I think that every vehicle in the pak currently cost the same, has same running cos,t loading time etc
However I have a spreadsheet on my computer where I plot any real life costs etc in when I find them.


Hi, I have added a Makefile for those who want to compile the pak.sweden from sources on linux.
I had to rename a few files - linux is case sensitive, and fixed liveries in Rc3 1990.
Please pull new version.

I also noticed that the icon and cursor for depots is broken.

Furthermore there seems to be some problem with city generation. Even though I added city buildings from pak britain, the generated cities have only cityhall and one tile of road and do not grow until you add one more tile of road. I even tried to use cityrules from pak.britain but that did not help.


Thanks! I have no experience with Linux at all, so its great that you could add that file!
Will the output be different (different pak-names) than using my batchfile?
I have downloaded your commit to my computer!

I know the icon for the depots (and the depots themself) are broken. I was experiementing creating player buildings using the modular buildings, but there are a number of restrictions, eg frontimage on bottom floor will be drawn above the second floor. Therefore I havent created any icons for them, as the graphics for the playerbuildings is not finnished.

I know there are problem with city generation. I can for my life not figure out whats wrong! Ive also tried to replace certain files from pak.britain.
Anyone know what might be wrong?

edit: By the way, should we create a new branch on github for the next version off experiemental, or should all files just aim towards the new experiemental? I would assume doing second variation would exclude people to easy download it for testing purposes..?


My makefile makes all objects as separate files. I did not study your bat files in detail. The makefile is copied from pak.britain-ex, and it has some provision form making tar/zip and some stuff for translator, but I did not try them. It is intended to allow testing the latest stuff on linux, not for preparing an official release package.

I'm working on signalling for new experimental, it seems to have some glitches so far. At the moment I can provide two dat files for signals - old and new, graphics would be mostly the same.


Hi I have noticed that theres something wrong with the 50 km/h city road. It does not appear in the toolbar (only 70 a 90 country roads), but it appears in public service toolbar. However I can only build the road in open space, I cannot connect it to any other existing road. I can connect it to other freshly built pieces of city road. I suspect it might be related to the problem with small initial cities. After a while of play they started to grow like mad...


That is strange, when I download the latest Github and compile it, I can build as a normal player the 50_road. You are saying you cant'?


Quote from: Ves on October 28, 2015, 11:23:58 PM
That is strange, when I download the latest Github and compile it, I can build as a normal player the 50_road. You are saying you cant'?
no I can't


Ha!, I found out what was wrong with the nonexistin cities:
As there currently isnt any dedicated graphics for townhalls, I have just taken a normal house to substitute as a townhall. Problem was that this house was only 1x1 tile big. It needs apparently to have two tiles at the front in order to generate any city roads.
However, this doesnt describe why you cant build cityroads...
Anyway, the new 'double' house townhalls, substituting for the vacant townhall is on the server.

edit: seplling reros


Did you mean town hall (rathaus) by city house? Afaik pak64 has also only 1x1 town halls and they work fine.


Yes, sorry I mean townhall. Did you try it?


Townhall works fine - generated cities are OK. But the city_road problem persists.

I found out that the same problem is with non-navigable rivers. But when I changed one of them to be 1 km/h and 1t, then it became buildable. But the street is 50 km/h 40 t

Found and fixed. There are placeholder tracks for monorail, maglev, tram, air and narrowgauge which all had the same name=Se_road_50. I have renamed them and the road now works as expected.

River problem was probably that a river with 0 cost, 0 speed, 0 maintenance, and 0 whatever, is considered a mothballed river, and thus cannot be built. Only as a downgrade of exisiting river. Fixed by setting construction costs for all rivers to be cca 10x higer than roads.


Bah, stupid me to make such a mistake!
Thanks for spotting and fixing them!

However, now it wont start the game at all! searching...

If I comment out the river definitions in the, the game starts. So there is still something with the rivers. Still searching...

Isaac Eiland-Hall

(This thread has been moved to the new board for the pak. Just a heads up. Apologies to everyone who sees this message multiple times)


Can I check - which of these two locomotives have and which have not the can_lead_from_rear=1 flag enabled?

* Se_Ra_1950
* Se_Rc6_1990
* Se_Rc4_1990

I need to be clear on this so that I can narrow down the problem most efficiently. Thank you.
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Quote from: jamespetts on October 12, 2016, 06:27:56 PM
Can I check - which of these two locomotives have and which have not the can_lead_from_rear=1 flag enabled?

* Se_Ra_1950
* Se_Rc6_1990
* Se_Rc4_1990

I need to be clear on this so that I can narrow down the problem most efficiently. Thank you.

Se_Ra_1950 dont have the flag enabled.
The other two DO have the flag.