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River's server

Started by River, October 02, 2015, 09:28:24 PM

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Thank you for JIT2! I did something wrong while lowering the ground @(202,391), the underground tunnel that was underneath is visible now :(

P.S. Oh no! It just crashed! I'm sorry if that might have caused the crash. I was unlucky to break my RR connection just before the crash happened :( Hopefully I won't become bankrupt when the server is up...


Exposing an underground ground above the natural ground is not really intended so I am guessing a crash is a likely outcome.

lets hope there is an actual fix for this.
Either use a non debug build, a nightly or wait until next release. That assertion has been replaced with a logged warning which might be more useful to finding the cause and the results should be harmless anyway.


Unfortunately my pc died today and taking down the power of the server as well causing more problems then I like. It seems a lot of progress was lost on the game. I'm sorry for the inconvenience and I hope you are all able to restore your companies quickly.


Trying to connect, but it it isn't letting me in, trying to transfer the game for a while and then announcing that not enough bytes were transferred.


for me its bed time, I will try to restart it for now and I will look in too it more tomorrow.


Yeah, bed time for me long ago too... I only wanted to login to be sure my company won't get bankrupt. Thank you very much!

P.S. Alright, so the server is preparing the game really quickly and then it's transferring the game for a long time and finishes on the half with the message that "not enough bytes are transferred". Okay, tomorrow is a new day, hopefully everything will be OK.


Lost quite a bit of progress. Here's a savegame from 2054, 18 years beyond where the server is right now. Any chance to restore this save? Thanks as always for your hard work hosting, River!
Why do we park on the driveway and drive on the parkway?


Still can't connect to the server... Where simutrans stores save games? When I was playing before the crash it has been saving annoyingly frequently. But I've tried to reinstall the game so probably I deleted them.


Quote from: Wormer on January 11, 2017, 09:52:53 AM
Still can't connect to the server... Where simutrans stores save games?

I restored the save game. gone look more in to the connecting problem right now.


I can connect fine now. But "transferring game" was slow.
Thanks for recovering the game :)


Thank you for location! Although the game have already replaced it when I was trying to connect. I can connect to the server now! Thank you for hosting the game, River!


i'm surprised that you guys can connect to the game as i can't load the game from the same house.


From my point all seems to be working again. if people still can't connect please let me know.


A new map has been started on the server. The reason for this is that the old save game was corrupted.
Everyone enjoy!


Please update server to latest Simutrans version. There have been a large number of improvements since 120.1.3. Especially with JIT2, powernets and client performance. It also adds the ability for public service player to bump into any slot once logged in to fix problems.


i nothised it was updated after i restarted the server, i will look in to it soon

UPDATE: Server has been patched to 120.2.1


Great Server, please keep up the good work :).

Anyway, anybody else noticing that it seems that the ST's Master server for the server list seems to be down regularly in the last days?

EDIT: Sorry, just saw there is an own thread about this.


Hi there,

was playing on your server. It just crashed right now. I catched this error message, see attachment.

I was just exchanging a train, nothing special done.


Thanks for reporting the error, i got the same message on the server.


Interesting. Server crashed again right now. I was (again) replacing an old train by a new one (in the same depot seen in the screenshot above). In the moment I started it to run out of the depot, the server crashed. This time it was exactly the same. Seems kind of a bug detected.

So what I did was the following. I had an old train in the depot. First I added the new train (it has been attached to the old train), I removed the old train and all the waggons one by one until only the new train was left. I added new waggons and trains (to lengthen the train with higher speed), and voila: Server crash on starting the new train.

EDIT: And sorry for obviously crashing the server. :(


The server has been restarted. please don't try it again.
It is a know bug in stable and has been fixed in the nightly builds.more details on the bug can be found here.


Thanks for restarting the server. And sorry to inform you, that the server crashed again (unintentionally). :((

I did as suggested in the bug report topic you linked and created a new train. The old one still existed. To my great surprise it still crashed on starting that new train. I'm not sure what I did wrong this time.

Anyway, sorry again.


Sorry, seems that I crashed the server.

Quote from: River on March 23, 2017, 04:38:27 PM
It is a know bug in stable and has been fixed in the nightly builds.more details on the bug can be found here.

I learned from the bug report to avoid modifying a train stored in the depot, so I did not. But I changed the schedule, which may have caused the crash. Are there more actions to avoid when dealing with the depot?


Its oke, i'm trying for a more permanent fix.


the server has been patched to version 120.2.2 this should prevent the game from crashing


Since yesterday evening (GMT -3), everytime I try to connect to the server I receive this message and Simutrans closes...


Have you patches your game to the latest version 120.2.2? besides that the server is running fine and people are able to connect to it. You might wanna try to reinstall the game.


The server has been crashing alot lately. Can some1 check if they see anything in the log? i think i set the max for debug messages (debug 3). i didn't get any other messages.
I hope we can fix this.

log file:


I saw the server on just before a minute. I decided to join. After logging into my company and watching around (doing really nothing, not even clicking onto one of the building buttons), the game crashed and alongside with the game, obviously the server crashed. SAD. ;D


I don't see anything overly interesting in the log file.
A player connected, the server unpaused, the player unlocked player 10, end of log. No error(s) from Simutrans.

At the beginning of the log is this:

Warning: internal_create_surfaces(): Couldn't create opengl renderer: Couldn't load GL function glBlendFuncSeparate: Failed loading SHCORE.DLL: Kan opgegeven module niet vinden.
Warning: internal_create_surfaces(): Using fallback render software instead of opengl: Performance may be low!

Servers should generally be running posix backend; This warning can only come from SDL2 which uses OpenGL which appears broken on the host computer...

After the unpause I see:

Warning: karte_t::interactive: server lagging by 1042
Warning: karte_t::interactive: server lagging by 923
Warning: karte_t::interactive: server lagging by 803
Warning: karte_t::interactive: server lagging by 683
Warning: karte_t::interactive: server lagging by 563

The slow catchup indicates the server is very close the maximum map complexity it can run. Need more CPU power... Dropping to the posix backend would free up alot by disabling the graphics rendering load...

I don't expect either to be a crash source, although the SDL2 software fallback mode is not well tested yet.


I found the problem, a company went bankrupt. i will make a bug report


The server has been down all weekend because i wasn't home. i put a temporary fix in place for the server but i will try to properly patch the server later. for now you can find the server between the miss matched server.


please help me! I want to play so bad but i cant find the pakset to join rivers servers. can anyone link it for me?