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A very organised metropolis.
« on: October 26, 2015, 03:53:05 PM »
So although I'm new to the forum, I had played Simutrans for a long time. I started back in 2009 or something I think- anyway, that doesn't really matter. Over the years, I've had like four major worlds (and some side ones, too.) Let's just take a very brief look at them:

Ep. 1: Drahany
Played in 2011 and 2012, this was my first long-time world. It ran on the version 102.2 and was 1100*1100 I think. There was a system of railways and public transport, but it was a complete mess- the stops were too near and there were just too many vehicles, often resulting in traffic jams and havoc. I still have the save file but I somehow can't open it. Well, here you have at least a screenshot accurately depicting the everyday life of the poor citizens of Drahany, inhaling smoke and dust from the not-working system of public transport.

Ep. 2: Krásno
Jumping to 2013 and 111.3. I used pak128.cs (with a lot of addons) at the time, and I started playing that default world at the opening. Well, I'm not really able to tell whether i brought prosperity to the world or not. Many factories closed, entire neighbourhoods were torn down and the public transport system was 'optimized' (read as destroyed.) Maybe it's a twist of fate that I accidentally deleted the save. Here comes a screenshot of 34 people desperately waiting for a trolley that never comes, because the line was shut down to save money.

Ep. 3: Hartvíkov
I played this world in 2014. It was my first world on an actual time line, I started playing in post-WW2 terms (1945), but I only lasted to 1947 anyway. At the time, I already had a lot of experience, so I didn't repeat those mistakes from the previous worlds. I wanted to create an city and watch it grow over time. But then I upgraded from 112.2 to 120.0 and I was kind of forced to leave. I still have the save though. Pictured below: autumn in the nearby steel mill workers' colony.

Ep. 4: The current world, Pomanní
The world I play now is based on 120.0.1, I use a mix of buildings from different paksets and currently has 2048*2048.
Also, note that I am always using public services. Today, I'll just share a map and you'll get more the next time :~)

Anyway, sorry for clickbaiting you guys, but I don't wanna make this too long and you'll find out more later this week, I promise! :D see ya later, E
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Re: Very organised metropolis.
« Reply #1 on: October 27, 2015, 08:13:18 AM »
Posts like these are always great. Thanks! Looking forward to more :)

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Very organised metropolis.
« Reply #2 on: October 27, 2015, 08:33:31 AM »
I am back!
Since yesterday, I got like 54 hits- thanks. also, thank you Isaac for your support!
And well, today you'll get more on the actual city, as I promised you. So, let's start with this basic but useful map:

Note- I would describe condominium areas (= condos) as neighborhoods consisting of tall, concrete blocks of flats, in czech we have the term 'sídliště,' just google that and you'll get an better idea.

Now for some facts about the map and the metropolis:

Map size: 2048*2048
Starting year: 0
Starting money: 2,147,364,157

City area size (approx.): 4/9 of the map
World population by in-game counter: 1,552,667
World population estimated by me: 215,000
Metro area population by in-game counter: 764,301
Metro area population estimated by me: 160,000
Metro area population goal: 900,000

So the metropolis' name is Zlatobar. Zlatobar is the capital of the federal state Pomanní, which belongs in a fictional country (I haven't even made up the country's name, yet.) The name stands for the three cities that make the metropolis (or perhaps the word conurbation is better), Zlat, Torn and Barno. Its average height above sea level is 112 m/ 367 ft (given that the river is 100 m above the sea level.) Now for the demographics:


Primary sector (agriculture, fishing, mining): There is a large sand quarry in the northwest. Originally, there was a lake, but it has been dried.
There is no agriculture yet.
Secondary sector (industry): There is an abandoned textile factory, two 'factories' producing 'goods' (I haven't figured out what they are good for, but they look cool) and a brewery. In the future, I will add food processing factories and other kinds of 'light industry'.
Tertiary sector (shops and services): The majority of people works in this sector, since there is no other work available.
Quarternary and quinary sector: Do not really exist, as there aren't enough buildings in the game and I don't know how to make them (tried and failed.) Oh wait, the schools. I build a lot of elementary/middle schools. I have one school per 3K people, approximately.

City layout

The city is slightly inspired by Prague, Czech republic. You can see some similarities in the layout and the street/stops' names.
On the screenshots, you can see I have the streets but haven't built the houses yet, it takes some time to fill the whole thing up, so be patient and don't judge, please.

Jedlov train station. Based on: Prague, Smíchov train station

The National Garden

Townhall Square. Based on: St. Václav Square, Prague

Peace Square. Based on: Peace Square, Prague

Chvalkovice industrial zone

Workers' colony 'Italian Quarter'

Brodice housing project. Based on: Czech 'sídliště' neighborhoods

City centre, the abandoned textile factory 'Linda' and Technological university dorm
Dorm based on Blok P, former greenlandian housing project.

The next time, you'll get more on the transport, because it just does not operate yet. Just a sneak peek, currently I have two tram lines and three bus lines, but when the whole thing is finished, there will be up to 25 tram lines, 190 buses and three subway lines!

That's all for today :D so see ya later, E

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Re: Very organised metropolis.
« Reply #3 on: October 27, 2015, 02:33:31 PM »
Very nice!  You've put a lot of work in to the layout of your cities... well done!

You should consider submitting an image for the Monthly Screenshot Contest.

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Very organised metropolis.
« Reply #4 on: October 29, 2015, 01:47:24 PM »
Thank you! :~)

Well, I kind of missed the october contest, but I will definitely try the next time :D though I have a lot of addons from throughout the forum, so that might be a problem since it is only allowed to use one pak

Am I the only one using Simutrans mostly for the urban planning part? :D Be it any way, I still have a transport system in my metropolitan area. Well, uh- it does not really work and it is almost impossible to get anywhere. But hey- I'll share it with you anyway.

So I currently have 3 tram and 3 bus lines, but as stated previously, that number will significantly increase.
The tram lines usually go from an uptown neighborhood downtown and then uptown again, while the buses begin uptown and end in the suburbs.

Tram line 1:

Jedlov railway station - future bus/tram/train/subway hub, pictured in a screenshot above
Panská louka Rd. - there are like 6 taller houses
Lidice St. - based on Anděl, Prague - future tram/bus/subway hub
Bedřich Smetana Bridge - residential zone, you can transfer over to bus no. 101 in there
Mark Twain Park - residential zone
Linda - transfer station to tram no. 2, pictured in a screenshot above
Main railway station - future bus/tram/subway/train hub, also the city centre
Freedom Square - city centre, transfer station to tram no. 3
Greek St. - city centre
Luxembourg St. (also Zborovice St.) - transfer station - all three trams stop there
French St. - residential zone
Peace Square - residential zone
Russian St. - residential zone
Svatopluk Čech Square - residential zone

Škoda 05T Astra trams operate on this line.

Škoda 05T, as seen in Freedom Square. The tram comes from the czechoslovakian forum.

Tram line 2:

Učňovská (= apprentice) St. - There is a mall.
U Vápenky (= by the limestone factory) St. - residential zone, tram depot
Pod Pecemi (= under the Pece hills) St. - residential zone
Na Halířově (= at Halířov) St. - sídliště neighborhood, transfer to bus no. 104
Jilmovka - tram/bus/subway transfer hub, residential zone
Jan Perner St. - some smaller houses
Central Cemetery - a cemetery and some houses
Na Soutoku (= by the conflux) St. - some houses
Sv. Čech Square, Russian St., Peace Sq., French Sq., Luxembourg St.
Pod Mosty (= under the bridges) - a highway
Josef Lada St. - residential zone
National Garden - city centre, the National Garden park
Válečných hrdinů (= War heroes') Ave - city centre
Lazebnická (= spa servicemen's) - city centre

Vario LF2 trams operate on this line.

Vario LF2, as seen in Lazebnická Street. The tram comes from the czechoslovakian forum.

Tram line 3:

So this tram line does not operate yet, but it is ready to start operating soon. It goes from north Torn to southwest Barno and the stops are:
Pinsk St., Hřebice, Bratislava St., Uherská (= kingdom of Hungary) St., Lublin St., Křivenice St., Chvalkovice hospital, U Břízy (= by a birch tree), Chvalkovice railway station, V Zahrádkách (= in gardens) St., Larchtree St., Jilmovka, Strážský lesík (= Stráž forest), (unnamed stop), Těchov St., Reykjavik St., British St., Luxembourg St., Greek St., Freedom Sq., Na Vaňkově (= at Vaňkov), Beneš St., (unnamed stop), (unnamed stop), (unnamed stop), Marketplace, Mana St., Victory Square, Waterworks Rd., Slate St., Old Rd., Branov railway station.

You see, it is a long line. It is based on Prague's '3' tram line, and mostly KT8D5 and KT8D5R2NP trams will operate on it.

KT8D5 tram, as seen in a depot. The tram comes from the czechoslovakian forum.

Bus line 101:
Operates downtown, between the luxury residences 'By the Weir', Poříčí garage, Bedřich Smetana Bridge, Poříčí res. zone, Technical university, Upper Vaňkov neighbourhood and the main railway station.

Sor NB 12 buses operate on this line.

Sor NB 12, as seen near Upper Vaňkov. The bus comes from the czechoslovakian forum.

The bus line 102 does not operate yet.

Bus line 103:
Operates between the Jilmovka hub, Chvalkovice St., U Továren (= by factories), Chvalkovice railway station, Sicilia St., Trento St., Italian Quarter and Beograd Street.

Solaris Urbino 18 buses operate on this line.

Solaris Urbino 18, as seen in Chvalkovice neighborhood. The bus comes from the czechoslovakian forum.

Bus line 104:
Operates between the Jilmovka hub, Žižka St., Vysokov St., Na Halířově and Halířov sídliště (acronym- sdl. or sídl.) neigbourhood.

Karosa Citybus 18 M buses operate on this line.

Karosa Citybus 18 M, as seen near Sdl Halířov. The bus comes from the czechoslovakian forum.

So that's my transport network for now. I hope you did not get too overwhelmed by the tons of text you've just read and you are looking forward for the next part about railways coming up... sunday, hopefully. :D I'll see ya later, E.

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Re: Very organised metropolis.
« Reply #5 on: November 02, 2015, 02:53:40 AM »
Hi, very nice work you have been doing. I am also doing some city planning, but not that much. Mostly I just build roads for city to grow and organize terrain to city be in a valley or between sea and mountain like Monaco or Hong Kong. I rarely add any normal buildings, but in next like I have made Olympic area, "Old Town" and University Campus in my world.

And this is story of my world:

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Re: Very organised metropolis.
« Reply #6 on: November 04, 2015, 03:39:54 PM »
Thanks Eekizz, your world is nice as well! Gave you a like :~)

I decided not to write about railways today, instead I'll give you a bit of fanfiction about my world. The people, the traditions and stuff. Let's dive in!

So the region always was a poorer one. The soil was not really fertile, there were not any resources (e. g. coal, gas, iron ore) and no tourists went there. Thus, the poor residents mostly planted potatoes or wheat and pastured sheep. The life was hard and so were the traditions. Bloody and brutal.

The year starts January 1st, and January 2nd is a national day celebrating the country's independence day.
In february, there is a tradition of sacrificing a lamb in the name of God. It comes right after St. Valentine's day and Feb 15th and 16th is a school holiday. This is what globalisation brings. The local shops are confused as to what should they promote in their displays- chocolate hearts or sheep gut? The gut wins, usually.

The region is christian, so they also celebrate easter. The Good Friday and the Easter Monday are national days, while the school holiday lasts till friday. The easter traditions are kind of cruel, including of course dividing a potato between the family members for good luck and another lamb sacrification.

Also, the last friday in each month is a nationwide work and school holiday. The citizens are very happy about it.

The school year ends the first friday after June 25th or June 30th.

Every employed adult has the right to take 21 days a year off work. The national days and holidays do not count as days off work.

The school year begins again on the first monday in september. Then there are some national days in september and october, but they're not important. The first school holiday is in the first week of november, it is the autumn break.

The locals celebrate Black Friday (not Thanksgiving though), and the reason why is pretty obvious- the people were and still are kind of poor, so they will literaly take any chance of getting anything at a lower price. The shopping spree is also supported by the day-off-work friday.

Then it's the time for the Saint Nicolas' day. It is a mythical person similar to Santa Claus and he comes Dec 6th (not a holiday.) In the rest of the world, Nic brings candy to nice children and potatoes or coal to the naughty children. I think you can already guess, how it goes around here- yeah, the nice children get a potato, while the naughty ones get... ehm... a cup of dirt. Don't judge please.

The year ends with christmas. The school ends on the first friday after Dec 17th or Dec 22nd. December 23rd to 26th is a national holiday. The christmas traditions include dancing around a campfire while holding hands, roasting potatoes on the campfire, also roasting lamb steaks. Also, the people don't give gifts to each other, but they wish something to everyone around them. They usually wish for things like health, luck or lots of potatoes in the next harvesting season.

The last holiday comes before the New Year's Eve, on December 31st and it is a celebration of living together for one more year. The locals celebrate with something very familiar in places where there are potatoes- vodka.

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Re: A very organised metropolis.
« Reply #7 on: December 30, 2015, 12:30:58 PM »
EDIT: Updated download link, new version available (Jan 17, 2016)

So it's been a while since I've posted anything in here. Time to give you a little update on what's going on in my city.
First off, I've designed a set of stops and extensions based on the ones in Prague, download them here:

I've created a few new locations such as Branov railway station (based on Braník railway station, Prague)

and I've opened a factory chain including a large farm, two mills and a bakery.

This is what the map looks like now (vs. the last time)

There was a certain progress in north downtown and southern areas and northeast in the Termesivy county, I'll write about that later.

I know, this was not really a long post, I just wanted to let you know about the addons and stuff :D see ya later, E
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Re: Very organised metropolis.
« Reply #8 on: January 01, 2016, 11:40:05 AM »
What I like most is the wideness or largeness of the scenery combined with a strict structure. Great!

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Re: A very organised metropolis.
« Reply #9 on: January 25, 2016, 03:42:24 PM »
it's me. I was wond- no, but really, it's been a while.
And I've done stuff.

So this is a valley inspired by Prokop Valley, Prague. I put a lot of effort into it- and I think it has turned out very well. It's still not the final version, though.
You can also check out the real life version here.

Notice that complicated highway intersection bottom-mid-right?

Quite possibly the most complicated thing I've ever built. Based on Barrandien bridge (on the map as 'Barrandovský most'), Prague.

This is how the whole thing looks on the map.

Speaking of crossings and intersections... this one I built in the north. Purely my idea, not based on a real-life one.

and this is the most common intersection. Easy to build, low-cost and simple. It just takes some space.

If you look very closely, you can find all three on this progress-showing map (the left map is from Dec 30, 2015; the right one from today):

So, how do you like it? :D see ya, E