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Philippine National Railways (PNR)

Started by Suneo Wahyu Hidayat Hartanto, July 16, 2015, 03:52:17 AM

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Suneo Wahyu Hidayat Hartanto

Allright this is my project for Philippine Railways JR203 <<< Indonesia Simutrans Addons Center And Web.

Isaac Eiland-Hall

Please do not doublepost. I cannot easily merge these two.


This post also belongs on a pak set board, not a coding board. That would probably help it reach it's intended audience, which might not be too into programmer talk. It would also reveal which pak set this is for, which is a rather important piece of information that is missing.


Aside of this part of PNR is not much beautiful (but I hope that some other cars may be better), I think that this belongs to board of Pak192 - and should be moved there.

Ters: Pardon. You was faster - but I missed your post.

Chybami se člověk učí - ale někteří lidé jsou nepoučitelní


i didn;t notice this it has windows grills included hehe
My computer is still down