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v8 - goods speed bonus

Started by benste, December 05, 2015, 06:58:54 PM

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hi, is it on purpose that there is no speed bonus for any type of goods in this pack ?
This way i can save a lot of money by building the slowest type of tracks only, on the other hand site refridgerated products are not worth transporting because they're missing on the speed bonus.


It is possible the pak was made before speed bonuses existed.


Its a fairly new package i don't think so - just wanted to raise this issue here so that the devs can consider it


the package is in development and has not yet decided

Industrial chains and vehicles are still very patchy

and the alignment of balancings is also not yet clear

pak128.german is a fairly new pak, not be confused with pak64.german this is very old ( not speedbonus balanced )


1) The Goods in Our Pakset have no speed bonus and will never have one, because the speed bonus mechanic in Simutrans seduces players to absurd configurations of the transport lines to collect this bonus.

2)We are working on the restructuring of the industry chains at the moment, because their production values are not correct adapted to each other. I think that these changes will completely  or partially be published in the next version. The replacement cost of the rolling stock that were too high in v 0.8 have already been reduced and will be published with the next release.

And sry for my bad english ;)


On the other hand not having them can equally force people to absurd configurations so that they can maximize line profit. For example they might run huge 24 unit trains at 15 km/h.



Speed bonus has been discussed by the community since ages. Searching for this topic on this forum leads to 288 entries.

Actually PAK128.german developers have decided not to incorporate it.