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Auswahlsignal / Auswahlende Signal

Started by benste, December 19, 2015, 07:02:47 PM

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Hi, i expected those two to match the behaviour of choose and end choose signal, however my trains seems to ignore the end choose signals. which make both useless because trains try to reserve paths across 1/2 of the map.

Would be nice if this could be appended to the bug list.
+ it might be interesting to stick to the english names and only alter the german translation of special items if they still behave the same way.

Also oneWay signals are missing and make it hard to avoid gridlock of more complex networks


In my games Auswahlsignale/choose signals behave the way I expect them to do. From time to time there are bug reports on this item so there seem to be special setups that lead into trouble. Perhaps a savegame would help me to find out if your problem is due to our pakset.

One way signals are part of our pakset as the graphics show. Road signs should be easy to relate to. Rail signs are marked: the sign on the left means "free way in the actual direction", the one on the right blocks the thoroughfare.


Please find attached a sample file which illiustrates the behaviour. I've placed some labels and used an illustrative route setup to explain the issue :)

i would appreciate if some of you could have a look at it.


Yes, it is a bug. We fixed it with an end-of-choose-sign (attached) like the one of standard pak128.

Sorry for answering so late.


Do you know what time it will be included in the regular pakset? is it already time to update my installation?
btw. thanks for looking into it and continuing to improve the pakset :) nevermind about the time delay  :)


Well, we are working on a new version which hopefully will include a new economic system. If everything works well the update should come out in about four weeks.