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Pak128.Britain-1.17, Rail depot, and Metropolitan Bogie Third

Started by jk271, December 30, 2015, 03:22:15 PM

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Rail depot in latest release (1.17) of pak128.Britain contains a write square. It might be caused by grahics of a vehicle, probably Metropolitan Bogie Third.


I just checked, and have the same. Also, this exact same vehicle can for me also be found as the white square twice; also at the complete end of the list.


I think that this must be an error in the .dat files which have not been updated to go with the new graphics for these carriages (which have a different layout from the old graphics files, with the actual graphics at row 1, row 0 being filled with a white banner with some identifying text) that I produced about two years ago.
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The Hood

Thanks - there were duplicate definitions of some of these vehicles in Standard - now fixed.