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Who is in charge of updating Website/Facebook/G+?

Started by The Hood, January 02, 2016, 10:42:31 AM

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The Hood

Hi all,

Who's in charge of making announcements and updating the various pages? I'd like to make an announcement about the new pak128.Britain release 1.17, and I notice the links and both point to pak128.Britain  1.15 (not even 1.16!). It would be great to get things up to date and advertised properly. For reference, more people downloaded 1.15 and 1.16 than 1.17 in the last week...


I could lend a hand in the facebook page.  :o
Always it collaborated from my site, although not have many followers I'm afraid.  :-[


Me, Igor and Isaac have access to the Facebook page. sdog is in charge of the G+.

PM the facebook page and I can add you to post.


for info

If I understand it correctly, can then be automatically posted to Twitter/Facebook Tikiwiki articles.


I've seen that there is a new pak128.britain version on the blog only a few days ago. I've not posted it on g+ since it since I thought it was only me who missed it. It is also a good idea to let An_dz know directly that there's a new version of a pak-set as he has to change the link on the webpage.

We really need some procedures to let everyone know about such new things.

ps.: thank you very much for all the work on the pak, I've not played it lately, but in earlier versions the detail and history was stunning.


I'm now subscribing this rss from SourceForge, every new upload in Simutrans will create a new feed.