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Simutrans 120.1.1

Started by Dwachs, November 20, 2015, 05:50:54 PM

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Here is a new version of simutrans. Most notably with a new factory supply and demand model (activate with just_in_time=2). And lots of bugfixes regarding construction in double height terrain. There is also now the option for configurable offsets for signs/signals for drive-on-left situations.

Have fun!

Please report any bugs on the bug reports board. Also please tell if some pakset info is not up-to-date.

This release is build from svn revision number 7640.

Installer for Windows

MS Windows user should use the Online-Installer.

Those versions do support IPv6 on windows. As a result it will not run on any windows OS below XP.

If you want to download manually, you will need an executable and a pak set.


PakSets - graphic packages

pak64 Basics
64pak food chain

Pak64.german 112.3  (new)
Version 112.3

Pak64.japan 120.0.1
pak64 japan

Pak64.contrast 102.2
pak64 contrast

Pak64.HO-scale "latest"
pak64 HO-scale

Pak96.comic V0.4.10 extended

Pak96.HD 100.0
pak96.HD (0.4)

Pak128 (new)
pak128 for ST 120 (2.5.3, minor changes)

Pak128.japan 112b
pak128 Japan for 112

Pak128.britain 0.17 (new)
pak128 Britain v0.17

Pak128.german 0.8 (new)
Pak128 German 0.8

pak192.Comic V0.4 (new)
pak192 Comic 120.0.1 V0.4

pak48.excentrique 0.18
pak84 Excentrique

pak64 SciFi
pak64 SciFi 0.2

Pak32.comic 102.0
pak32.comic for 102-0

makeobj 55.4 (new)
Makeobj 55.4
Parsley, sage, rosemary, and maggikraut.