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Pak128 Scenario Tutorial

Started by HaydenRead, January 12, 2016, 09:31:27 AM

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New version for testing!


It's basically the same as in pak64, since I keep the convergence between the two projects.

- Failed click counter is broken, waiting for:,21981.msg202264/topicseen.html#msg202264
- Some new and obsolete translations are not yet reviewed.

List of changes:

- Add Link to skip steps on CH6
- Reworked underground buildings (should be easier to build now).
- Underground constructions now warn if the underground view is active or the correct level of the layer.
- Fixed many bugs with auto build code.
- Improvements in the logic of checking rails/roads when they are built (the flashing marks that appear and disappear).
- Add coord list to differentiate between the track under construction and the existing ones.
- Improvements in the simutrans/paksets versions analyzer
- Improvements in the failed click counter (But it's still broken).
- Various bug fixes between chapters 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6.
- Fix error when using an old version of simutrans
- Disable debug tab


New version released!

These new versions are mainly to improve the efficiency and structure of the scripts.


Note: This version includes very recent script functions, so you must use a development version of at least r10832

Captura desde 2022-12-20 11-59-00.png

- Improvements in the logic to detect eliminated convoys
- Factories have a tile list of their fields
- Stop with multiple types of cargo/load [passengers, mail or good] (only used in pak192.comic)
- Improvements to be able to use underground stations (only used in pak192.comic)
- Improvements in public text labels (used to give directions on the ground)
- All public text labels are marked when starting the game (in case of loading a savegame)
- If someone builds elevated tracks (bad idea), they can now be removed (in most cases)
- Many improvements in automated commands
- Many bug fixes and code efficiency improvements
- Many improvements in text labels (Used to give indications on the ground)
- Automated commands now use the human player (as it should)