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German Simutrans Forum is down

Started by The Transporter, December 02, 2015, 08:47:56 PM

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The Transporter

The German Forum is since some Hours down. with following Fault Message.


Yes, the file is not there, I just checked. But I did not do anything, nor was there any maintenance scheduled. I contacted the hoster, as I do not have a full backup, and the last one is over two years ago somewhere.

Isaac Eiland-Hall

I hope and assume it's some simple error, but in case I can be of any assistance, I stand by to do so. Here's hoping for the best!


Putting the file in from the backup (it contains the database info) fixed it. NOt sure what happened. I am worried about expliots, as all files on that server are mod 777 for Woltlab.

Isaac Eiland-Hall

Ah, that is a bit scary. I've done that in the past — and these days, depending on the server environment, it might not be as bad. One of the things I like about CageFS is that it even better containerizes everyone so there's even fewer avenues to exploit to get someone else's files.

Hopefully it was just a glitch in the Matrix rather than an exploit. If an exploit, too, they screwed it up since the idea is to use it for something nefarious, not just break it. So they're *bad* hackers, if it was hackers. hehe


It might be just a test for whether a weakness is present or not, although I'd expect they would have either created a file they could attempt to fetch to verify success, or deleted a file that is directly exposed (like index.php).