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I need your savegame for testing purpose

Started by NNW, January 31, 2016, 07:18:48 AM

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[EN] I'm working  at the time on rebalacing/- organization of our factory lines. To make sure, that the new factorys can be load and played in older games - pak version 0.6 0.7, 0.8 - i need some of your savegames from the ,60 - 90 "in-game years". As more complex the lines in this saves are, as better it is ;)

[DE] Ich arbeite im Moment am rebalacing / der --organisation unserer Produktionslinien. Um sicher zu stellen, dass sich die nächste Pakversion auch mit Spielständen der 0.6 - 0.8 Version problemlos laden und spielen lässt, benötige ich ein paar verschiedene Speicherstände von euch. Dabei gilt, je komplexer und entwickelter das Savegame ist, um so besser.


One approach for pakset balancing factories is to define new factory types with the new stats and then obsolete at start the old existing ones for legacy support. This way old saves can still load as the old factory data remains unchanged but future games will only create the new better balanced factories.


We do this with  "DistributionWeight=0" in the old and new IDs for the altered fabs.

I can load and play my own old Savegames from 2012, 2013 - V 0.6 0.7 etc. and it works very good. But i dont know if this works in yours to ;)
And that is what i want to know.