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Changing Settings for saved game

Started by Andyh, February 06, 2016, 04:05:42 AM

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How do I change the station coverage for a saved game?  I know this is not generally recommended, and for good reasons, but I have so far built very few stations on my map and so I'm not overly concerned about the impact of the change.

I've studied some threads that suggest that either "i" or "n" will bring up the settings menu where I can change the coverage; however, neither of these keys seem to work like that in pak 128 standard.

Does anyone know how to get to the settings menu in-game?  One there I believe I can change the coverage as I want.


...OK, I think I've figured this out.  I hacked the Menuconfig file to bind the "i" key to the settings screen.  That enabled me to change the station coverage in-game.

Could I suggest that this binding be made standard feature of pak 128 standard?


Could you show me how you hacked the Menuconfig file so that I can extend the station coverage from 2 squares to 6 squares? I'm using Pak 128