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Reservation beyond non-reversing platform

Started by Vladki, February 22, 2016, 09:28:27 PM

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I think I will split a bit from the general signalling discussion. I have a few thoughts about reserving beyond the platform. IMHO it should work like this:

The reservation always extends at least to the next signal ahead, unless the train reverses. If the signal in the rear of platform is multi-aspect, then it should attempt to reserve more blocks ahead, just as if there is no platform (stop) at all. But if there is a junction ahead of platform, then the reservation should end at the signal before the junction. The reason is to keep the junction clear while un/loading, but reserve ahead if there are no junctions.

If the signal at the rear of platform is multi-aspect, it should show caution if the train reverses (i think it does it now - at least on dead ends), and also if the signal ahead of platform is at danger - i.e. if the train continues in the same direction, but has not reserved the track yet. Currently it shows clear in such situation, which is a bug IMHO.


Thank you, this is helpful: I wil bear these suggestions in mind when I come to look into coding this feature.
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