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Play Simutrans Multiplayer on WiFi (Offline)

Started by ankit.karan99, February 28, 2016, 03:59:36 AM

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Hi friends,

Me and my friend want to play simutrans multiplayer.
I am using Linux Mint 17.3 and my friend is using Windows 7.
both PCs are connected to WiFi hotspot (created on android phone), means we are on same WiFi network. the phone is not connected to internet.

How we can play simutrans multiplayer without connecting to internet?

! Sorry if I posted this topic in on wrong section.

& Thanks in advance...
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Start the game in server mode on one of the computers. Then get the other to connect to it directly by IP address and port number from the multiplayer list in game. The server list will fail to load without internet but the direct connection functionality should still work and let you connect to servers on a local network.


Hello DrSuperGood,
I recently started playing simutrans, so I doesn't have any knowledge how to start or connect to server.
some users say use command line or other say edit

so how can I get started?

OK I got this

I started server on one computer using command line :

simutrans -server

on another PC I started simutrans.

clicked on Play Online button

and entered IP address of first computer inside enter a server manually and clicked query server button

Play Online button is now enabled and I clicked that button,

and now we are playing multiplayer  offline.

Play and Work,
Work and Play.


You can have this even easier, since the special file name "net:IP:port" will connect to any server. So maybe start the server with a batch file "simutrans -server -objects pak64.japan", then you can connect with the other "simutrans -objects pak64.japan -load net:" or whatever your IP is.