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NYC Subway R32 cars V1

Started by DesiroUFOSound, April 07, 2016, 08:40:15 PM

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My first train release :D   the paks are attached along with the main image   included are standard   and HYPER!!! that can carry 999 passengers per car and can go 999kmh

Enjoy them  or not you choose
Coming soon... A BIG TRUCK


You screenshot looks like pak128 Britain. Is this addon for pak128 Britain or pak128 Standard ?


I have used them on both  with no conflicts  i mostly just use Britain though
Coming soon... A BIG TRUCK


If its a pak128 train then it will work on both


I know that. It would probably even work with another pak size (in pak128, planes and rivers are compiled as pak of size greater than 128). My question is about graphical and economical consistency. Regarding that, trains cannot be compatible with both paksets as Standard's tracks are lower than Britain's tracks. So your train looks like it's hovering. By the way, in my opinion, the graphical style of your addon makes it more fit to pak128 Britain than Standard. Also, graphical length doesn't match dat length, vehicles'images are overlapping each other.