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game images above of object made.

Started by sheldon_cooper, April 17, 2016, 02:28:37 AM

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Hello, I do not know if this is the right place to report this problem, but come on!  :)
I am creating a parking on the street, road. The only problem is that when any vehicle passes over the car, the vehicle 'goes over' my car.
How can I solve this?
in advance, thanks for the help!  :D


Please post screenshots of the problem. I doubt it will be fixable however.


If I understand this correctly think can be solved by using frontimage[...] To put cars in the front image when they need to be painted over vehicles and the rest of the road and cars to be painted behind vehicles in the normal image[...]. I think frontimage was allowed for all ways anyway...


Are you talking about one of pak128's parkings or a complete new addon you are currently making ?


It is a parking lot that I'm creating for pak128, it is specific for single-way street, where cars can park at 45 degrees.
In this case I am having a problem, see:

In the first image, we see that the bus is above the parked cars, this okay!
In the second image, the bus continues over parked cars, which is wrong, because the parked cars is that it should be at the forefront for game viewing angle.


as Kierongreen suggested, you have to use frontimages.

Stations are usually composed of backimages and frontimages. Backimages are displayed behind vehicles passing in the station whereas frontimages are displayed over vehicles. In your right picture, you have to use a frontimage. More information here.


I'd recommand using a one-way-sign instead. Thus, each sign already disables normal cars from crashing in the parked once - even on map rotation. However, the drawback is that you can place signs on other pieces of the road but flat straight, which would look very wrong.


this should be the part where I change? What should I change?