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A few fixes for signals

Started by Vladki, December 22, 2015, 11:45:46 PM

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Hi a have noticed that some signals are in wrong place - longblock mixed with choose signals, I found that the underground longblock signal was coded as choose signal.

Colour light signals did not have retire_year (typo -/=)

Both narrowgauge semaphore choose signals had the same intro/retire dates

Added offset_left=0 for maglev signals.

More fixes to make it compilable with make on linux. (case sensitivity, backslashes, missing signals in Makefile)


added offset_left for one_way and end_of_choose, added one_way for narrow gauge, fixes in

The Hood


I don't know if this was caught or not, but the choose signal semaphores from 1860 to 1918, the Early and Intermediate versions have the same intro/retire date of 1880 to 1918. I made the corrections and make the .pak files, however, these don't include the changes that were mentioned above as I did this last night. Here's the .dat main file for what it's worth with the corrections to the intro/retire dates. I noticed in the GitHub, the same error was present in the .dat file. Essentially, you don't have choose signals for twenty years between 1860 and 1880, but as I said, that's corrected here, just not the other signal issues. I guess I'll have to repak, haha!