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Possible mismatches in LMS 8P/7P and coronation carriages

Started by Vladki, March 20, 2016, 03:55:46 PM

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Hi, I have noticed that there is a nice set of "coronation scot" carriages, so I wanted to built such a train. I had to start from rear brake carriage just to find out that I have a LMS class 8P "pricess coronation" tender, but no engine. Retire year for carriages and tender is 1967, but 8P princess coronation streamlined retires at 1946.

There is a non streamlined version for 1946-54, but it is constrained to 7P tender (for princess royal - 1933-1966), thus it cannot be combined with coronation scot carriages.

I think the tender constraints are wrong, and perhaps also the retire year of non-stramlined version should match retire date of the carriages?

The Hood

Thanks for the report - I'll look into it as part of the rebalancing work.