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crossing free entrance to train station - pak 128.german

Started by benni33, May 24, 2016, 03:44:17 PM

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Hey all
I am new here, but playing simutrans sporadically since some years.
Just now I am playing with pak128.german which is my favourite pack.
On one of my new worlds simutrans just came up with a behaviour that looks rather strange to me (see picture)


The trains coming from R (right) and Left heading to the stations and are afterwards either going on to L (left) or back to R (right).
In fact we have the following lines:

R-> station -> R
L -> station -> R
R -> station -> L
In the first version all trains went to the left side of the station first and than thread in.

I thought it could be faster when R-L and L-R trains would not thread after each other at one crossing but could access the station from both sides.

So I placed a choosing signal on both sides of the station. How ever trains do not take the shortest way, but the way to the choosen stop-point when it is free.
Bug? Feature?