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Started by Bassem_90, May 26, 2016, 08:40:44 AM

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hi I have a question how we can integrate maps from outside in simutrans and play them ? thank you in advance for help :)



Heightmaps should be placed in the Documents/Simutrans/maps folder

If You don't have your heightmap yet:
Heightmaps in simutrans use the .ppm extention.
Basicly you can take any greyscale heightmap from google and convert it to .ppm using Gimp (an opensource photoshop software).
Most of these maps won't be playable gameplay wise, so i suggest you download your heightmaps here: (<does this site still get updated?)


Bassem, I was thinking of making a video tutorial for this, so watch this space :)


dear all thank you for kind help :) the thing that I don't have maps folder in my simutrans game do I have to create one or it should exist ?


Does it live in the Simutrans directory or in My Documents? I've had them merged for so long that I've forgotten. Check both, at any rate.


dear Sir , in fact there is an option called play heightmap in game but when I press it they ask to write something and press OK . is there kindly any video to know how that function ? thank you :)

Isaac Eiland-Hall