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Based on Plarail Advance

Started by Bima Fals Maharania, June 05, 2016, 05:35:57 PM

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Bima Fals Maharania

Hello all. Come again after a very long time. ;D

Now I get new crazy idea. I will make a double track railroad. But I need source from the road (streetcar catenary for my preference. Also one bus source that have length of 12. I will edit it soon. :)

Later, this is included in Road Tools. I know if road transport convoys had only allowed untill four vehicles. But this is good choice if you want to install double tracks quickly. And shorter formation can reduce risks of stucked convoys. 8)

I get this idea from Tomica Plarail Advance toys, one tracks (for big toy) can be passed by two small toys. Or in this game, one tile will contains two tracks, and automatically, can be passed by two trains. And its formations for each Tomica trainsets---just four vehicles---be a good idea for this. I just want to insert 'Plarail World' to this game, but I will make it more realistic. :)

Also please give me steps to give picture in the post. So that I can show you the preview tomorrow. I can't do it now. :(

Okay, thanks for all. Sory about my grammar and for everything. :)

(Welcome to Ramadhan for all Moslems) :D مرحبن يا رمضان


It's not really a new, crazy idea - before actual tram tracks were added, trams were generally created using electrification of roads, which somewhat made sense, but restricted those "tram tracks" to be placed on roads only, rather then in the grass next to the road.

Anyway, you essentially plan to create roads that look like tracks, and trucks that look like trains. Thus, they totally get mixed up with normal roads and cars, everywhere - not only the menu, but the depot too. If you are to build those faux tracks near a city, the city will eventually claim the roads and convert tracks to city roads. Citycars will spawn on your tracks.
Since trams exist, you will be able to have 3 tracks on one tile, though with very different behaviour. That will be quite thight I imagine.

Some problems are not that bad if you go the classic route of electrified roads. Your tracks can actually be just the tracks, so they would work on roads, and in addition you create roads that represent the gravel to put underneath.

Bima Fals Maharania

For that problem, I won't made surface tracks. Just elevated tracks and bridges. So that city roads won't 'disturb' them. And about the citycars, I know if we can't solve that. I just want to make high speed conventional trains.
Thanks for your answer. :)