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Pak128 version 1.4.4 released!

Started by VS, January 28, 2009, 09:15:44 PM

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after a lot of work from more people, pak128 is ready to be played seriously again, with latest Simutrans version! Or so we all hope :)

Short changelog:

  • Economy is playable again thanks to Zeno
  • New climate textures from DirrrtyDirk
  • Trolleybuses from TommPa9
  • New cotton farm with fields (Patrick, VS)
  • Oilfield graphics from MHz
  • New city rules made by Fabio
  • Many other bugfixes and improvements (see below)
Compatible Simutrans version 101.0.
RAR (16 MB)
TAR.BZ2 (18 MB)
ZIP (20 MB)
(On disk, pak128 will take 61 MB)

Known bugs:

  • Airport signs are shown over aircraft - unsolvable
  • Some signals are displayed in wrong position - unsolvable
  • Plain platform does not show on menu button that is accepts cargo
  • Sentinel trailers are in wrong position in turns
Many thanks to everyone who participated and helped!
Pak 128 team:
VS, DirrrtyDirk, Wernieman, FrankP, Zeno, Fabio.
Other contributors for this release:

history of pak128 svn - important changes for gameplay
(for full history or technical details see svn log)

   - new style marker tool (VS)
   - fix rotations for village station (VS)
   - raise starting money from 300 to 500 thousand cr. (VS)
   - improve positioning of signals (VS)
   - rc/price corrections for locomotives, planes and ships (Zeno)
   - changed graphics for some mail trailers (VS)
   - enable goods for plain station platform (VS)
   - correct weight for Ikarus buses (Zeno)
   - change oilfield graphic to better from MHz (VS)
   - add reduced trolleybus pack from TommPa9 (VS)
   - add button for making stop public (Frank, werner)
   - fix needs_ground isue with station (Frank)
   - added caboose wagons for small passenger transport on freight trains (VS)
   - add button for enlarging map (werner)
   - lower trolleybus catenary maintenance again: 15->5 (VS)
   - change field settings for farms to 80 and apropriate production (VS)
   - increase minimal factory distance from 6 to 20 (VS)
   - some cargo steam locos can now be coupled (VS)
   - new graphics for Tatra 815 truck (VS)
   - tweaked production of grain farm, grain mill and bakery (VS)
   - new experimental prices for some vehicle classes (Zeno)
   - map editing icon now replaces line management for public authority mode (VS)
   - added cotton fields (VS)
   - added toolbar icons for maglev (gauthier)
   - added maglev to menu toolbars (gauthier)
   - new experimental prices for locomotives (Zeno)
   - Add: monorail texts are again specific in pak128 (schwebebahn) (Frank)
   - Fix: canal stop didn't accept mail (yoshi)
   - Made trolleybus catenary more expensive: 1->15 (VS)
   - New city rules (fabio)
   - Allowed trucks and trailers without retire dates to combine (werner)
   - Added new cotton farm (Patrick)
   - Removed ground from cattle yard and cotton field (VS)
   - fixed wrong Dims for factory publisher - caused empty rotations (VS)
   - entries (key + and -) for: allow manual change of daylight (available since ST r2031:) (whoami)
   - Powerline bridge graphics (VS)
   - Compatibility folders removed from official release dataset (VS)
   - Repainted some stop symbols (VS)
   - replaced old logo with the newer one (like in pak64) (DirrrtyDirk)
   - entered big logo for start screen (DirrrtyDirk)
   - New flag graphics for language selection window (DirrrtyDirk)
   - Removed retire dates from last bulk trailer (road). (DirrrtyDirk)
   - Exchanged speed values of the last two bulk trailers (road) - most modern one is now the fastest. (DirrrtyDirk)
   - corrected wrong parameter name in vehicle dat-file (len -> length) (DirrrtyDirk)
   - new ground textures & lightmap (DirrrtyDirk)
   - removed outdated copyright lines for my work in the .dat file (DirrrtyDirk)
   - Corrected wrong traffic lights in 2 directions (DirrrtyDirk)
   - re-enabled shortcut l for powerline in (whoami)
   - Added Passenger/Mail/Goods symbols to all icons on stops and extension buildings where missing (DirrrtyDirk)
   - Changed cursor for traffic lights (red now on top, green at the bottom) (DirrrtyDirk)
   - Added 1990's Airport Tower into air_tower.dat (taken without changes from "Airport1990.old") (DirrrtyDirk)
   - Fixed copyright entries to use spaces instead of _ (VS)
   - added lights to "Tigress" high speed train (DirrrtyDirk)
   - copying citylist_*.txt files from Pak128 1.3.5 (from both pak128/text/ and text/, renaming conflicting older ones) (whoami)
   - setting all monorail buildings (esp. depot) to intro date 3/1901, because they are needed in the game then. (whoami)
   - syntax error in dat caused missing back image of train depot (whoami)
   - del climates jungle (old_powerplant.dat) (FrankP)
   - changed pillars bridge ClassicRail (way-bridges-rail_concrete_1-128.png) (DirrrtyDirk)
   - changed bonus speed for water and air ( (FrankP)
   - undoing certain changes to train signals - don't work as intended / as documented (whoami)
   - corrected train signals .DAT (most changes only for compliance with the rules) (whoami)
   - fix graphics errors in privat-traffic_lights-128.png (whoami)
   - fix hq (FrankP)
   - fix key 'e' in (FrankP)
   - fix intro_month Express_tender (FrankP)
   - fix Dims orientations shaft_coal_mine (shaft_coalmine.dat) (FrankP)
   - fix Dims orientations (FrankP)
   - fix free_route Classic_ChooseSignals_right (FrankP)
   - del double intro_year choosesign_digital_jp (FrankP)
   - animated water (FrankP)
   - optimizing graphics and animation factory Moebelhaus (a0-homemarket-128.png, factories-wood-128.dat); pak file size 3 MB -> 410 kB (FrankP)
   - fix grafics bug car_factory.png (FrankP)
   - fix and optimizing grafics and animation factory Materialswholesale (a0-materialswholesale-128.png, factories-material-128.dat); pak file size 777 kB -> 81 kB (FrankP)
   - optimizing grafics and animation factory Sandquarry (a0-Sandquarry-128.png, factories-material-128.dat); pak file size 393 kB -> 145 kB (FrankP)
   - change pillar bridge ClassicRoad (way-bridges-road_1-128.png) (FrankP)
   - fix rail-road-crossing (barriers and special colors) (FrankP)
   - fix way remover in (FrankP)
   - fix dims factory Moebelhaus (factories-wood-128.dat) (FrankP)
   - change fountain 01_CITY (FrankP)
   - change trees; del hight, add seasons, change image (FrankP)
   - add cursors fagonella bus stops (FrankP)
   - add cursor for 1940AirDepot (FrankP)
   - possition cursor Airport-1930 and Luftdepot1920 (FrankP)
   - change menu, cursor and player buildings for simutrans 0-100.0 (FrankP)
   - change button powerlines : pixel -> render (FrankP)

My projects... Tools for messing with Simutrans graphics. Graphic archive - templates and some other stuff for painters. Development logs for most recent information on what is going on. And of course pak128!


Whoa! A RELEASE... of pak128 (Wow, when did that happen the last time, does anybody know? Seems like ages ago to me...  ;D) Anyway, congratulations to everyone involved!

Although there are things I don't understand...
Quote from: VS on January 28, 2009, 09:15:44 PM
Known bugs:

  • Airport signs are shown over aircraft - unsolvable *
  • Some signals are displayed in wrong position - unsolvable **
  • Plain platform does not show on menu button that is accepts cargo ***
  • Sentinel trailers are in wrong position in turns ****

* We might solve that by taking a completely different approach to that signal, as I said in another thread. It probably won't be solved by 100% (at least not for large aircraft) but we might make it much less obvious after all.

** Which ones are these? The one-way signs for rail? Others?

*** If I understand this correctly, that alone should be solvable within mere minutes... but since that station doesn't give any indication of accepting goods anywhere on my computer, I'm not sure that I understand after all ???

**** What type of vehicle is that? If it's just one, it shouldn't take that long to fix (I hope).
***** PAK128 Dev Team - semi-retired*****


Signals are solveable mostly, they belong to the exit of a tile.


You don't know Sentinel. Here in czech is telling "He smokes that Sentinel!" Look at the picture. Thet is Sentinel and trailer

[attachment deleted by admin]


I think he's talking about the trailers that sentinel trucks can pull of. I didn't realise about any graphic bug with them, despite I used recently...  ???


Well, it all needs time, which I can sadly not pour into anything right now. Signals can be fixed, at a cost of repaint, or experimenting. Airport probably too. The rest is just what I remembered after packing it all; mostly trivial things that are mere inconvenience. Oh and powerbridge has empty icon, too. The plain station was changed a few days ago. It now accepts cargo. it should be in the release. If nt, no icon is missing and a bug was solved by doing nothing. Sentinel is early steam truck with small trailers which are now misaligned but I forgot about that. They are shifted forward into the truck.

IIRC last release was sometime in May or April.

Now, I must finally get some sleep :-\ Check with Zeno for details if you must.

My projects... Tools for messing with Simutrans graphics. Graphic archive - templates and some other stuff for painters. Development logs for most recent information on what is going on. And of course pak128!


VS, nobody expects you to do it all by yourself. ;) People (like me for example) can do some things - if they know what to do. Ok, now signals - should be fixable, so should the airport (at least to some degree).

The plain station does not accept cargo in 101.0 - but it apparently does so in nightly v101.1 r2266 ???

Icon for powerline bridge... tough icon to create (as icons all too often are)! Unless someone else beats me to it, I will try to look into the truck alignment issue within the next days.
***** PAK128 Dev Team - semi-retired*****


I use executable that says: Version 101 Jan 3 2009
I use this (^) release of pak128.
Plain platform has nothing on icon (forgot that part), but it does accept cargo.

As to signals, that is caused by making one-way signals that "allow" passage instead of "forbidding". Maybe it could be fixed by moving the poles to the entrance of tile? I tried to repair all, only these one way are still broken.

My projects... Tools for messing with Simutrans graphics. Graphic archive - templates and some other stuff for painters. Development logs for most recent information on what is going on. And of course pak128!


Sentinel trailer's alignment should be fixed now.
***** PAK128 Dev Team - semi-retired*****


MAGLEV tools won't show up on the MAGLEV toolbar.Only the `remove tracks` button appears in the maglev toolbar.In fact,even the title of the toolbar isn't visible,just the `x` button for closing and the `?` button for a non-existent help file.
I tried attaching the screenshot but it's larger than 200 KB,so didn't succeed uploading.
I do get MAGLEV tools while using pak64 101-0(although in the combined monorail/maglev toolbar),but none while using pak128 101-0.
I use Simutrans 101-0 engine on Microsoft Windows.


That's a bit complicated... Because of how the menus work, either we must have an empty toolbar, or maglev addons do not appear even if installed properly (well no toolbar to show them on, duh). So in the end there is a choice: either dummy menu or zero extensibility. We decided that the first choice is better.

Of course, it would be nice to be able to disable that toolbar unless there are some objects... but the menu system also does not allow that.

My projects... Tools for messing with Simutrans graphics. Graphic archive - templates and some other stuff for painters. Development logs for most recent information on what is going on. And of course pak128!


Yes but I am not a developer..........................let me reframe the question as such: In Simutrans 101-0,using Pak128 101-0,on Microsoft Windows, HOW TO SET UP A MAGLEV NETWORK?
That's the question.
And if not possible,why the button for `remove tracks` in the MAGLEV toolbar which has a separate icon of it's own and appears to work well had there been some MAGLEV tracks available on the map for testing?
And if still not possible,why not combine the two tools in the existing Monorails toolbar?


Basic pak128 does not provide any Maglev items (tracks, stations, depots, signals, vehicles) - yet.

There is however an addon available (made by gauthier) here on the forum that provides all that. Given the nature of the menu system, we had two choices: a) prepare an empty menu entry for addons and/or later additions to the standard pak or b) leave that menu entry away - but then even installed addons couldn't be built unless people modify their themselves - which is too complex for the average use to succeed in.

And we didn't mix them up with monorails, because those are two different and completely independent waytypes (as are road and monorail, for example) since v100.x. Having them in the same menu would only confuse people and make them try to combine things that cannot be combined.
***** PAK128 Dev Team - semi-retired*****


Maybe the addon could be included in standard Pak128 so as not to confuse people?
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But if pak128 does not provide any Maglev items as of yet by default,why the `remove tracks` button in the MAGLEV toolbar (and in fact,why the MAGLEV toolbar itself) exist(s)?
Let me tell you,it's pretty confusing for a newbie who would probably be thinking that MAGLEV items will appear later in the game(as by default the `obey era` option is on) he/she waits and waits year after year for some items to APPEAR in that toolbar and HEY!!!!!!!!!2050 has been crossed and there is still nothing new in that toolbar!Not even the title of the toolbar!
It's certainly not that the toolbar is COMPLETELY empty(which,in that case,could have still given a clear hint to newbies that this feature is not provided by default) added an icon of `remove tracks` in pak128,thereby making it NOT an empty toolbar and that's where the confusion about expecting MAGLEVs in standard pak128 begins


Anyway,I heartily praise gauthier.His add-on is working well here flawlessly(Microsoft Windows,Simutrans 101-0(SDL-based executable),pak128 101-0).It's lovely.......very beautiful graphics.....tracks,vehicles,bridges,everything.............I can only imagine the pains taken..........and MAN,THE TRAINS ARE REAL FAST!!!!!!!!!!!!!No wonder the speed limit for `speedbonus` for MAGLEVS is higher than even that of planes!!!!!!!!!Excellent work Gauthier.Hats off!

Well.....AS FAR AS DIFFERENT WAYTYPES ARE CONCERNED........pak64 surely does mix Monorails and maglevs under's without doubt the easiest to play yet and recommended for newbies(of course except for the archaic looking graphics and lesser overall choice in the economy)

And it is because of this reason that I agree with jamespetts.I don't find any problems with the addon.However,I still insist that after thoroughly testing it,PLEASE INCLUDE IT IN THE STANDARD PAK128 graphics set.


Including the addon in 128? Tracks are not bad, and (some) stations are great, but trains are not up to the standards - compare with eg. Raven's steamers and you will see.

PS: I agree that it is NOT GOOD. But there is no easy way out. Do YOU prefer no maglevs at all?

My projects... Tools for messing with Simutrans graphics. Graphic archive - templates and some other stuff for painters. Development logs for most recent information on what is going on. And of course pak128!


Ok, Hiren, first of all:

Quote from: Hiren on February 08, 2009, 12:05:59 PM
I still insist

No, you don't. Nobody "insists" on anything here. It has been made abundantly clear in the past that this will not be tolerated. Ever. And there is no exception to that.

Ok, that being said, let's go back to topic:

The remove track tool is there because it's just the way the menu system works in simutrans. If we disable it, it would also be disabled when you put the addons in. It's either all or nothing. We decided that "all" is better than "nothing" - unfortunately there is no in-between choice.

And you are wrong: pak64 does not mix monorail and maglev waytypes in the menu. Everything you see there is simply only monorail. Yes, some of it is painted as maglev, and maybe named so as well - but you can still connect both tracks and use the same type of vehicle on both - because it is internally the same waytype (=monorail). In pak128 however, the two are now really 100% separated from each other - and completely incompatible to each other. That's why we put them in different parts of the menu.

Maglevs will become part of pak128 one day. And we hope it will be soon and that we can use most of gauthiers creations then. But only when they are ready. We are not going to add anything that isn't 100% ready yet - or anything that doesn't really fit into the pak (yet). And because of the fact, that once something is in, it is almost impossible to remove again, we wait until that something is done before adding it. It's more than enough work this way already.

For a change, you could simply believe us that we have thought - and talked - things through. And have tried to choose the best overall - certainly not the perfect - solution, taking all the facts into consideration - maybe even some you don't even know existed.

No, the result is certainly not perfect. But we had to choose between two flawed options. And we chose this one - and we had (good) reasons. If that's not good enough for you... well... I'm sorry to hear it.
***** PAK128 Dev Team - semi-retired*****


can the new pak128 release be played with older versions such as 100.1


Sorry guys, I like the old colour of ground better. This one is also different from the ground of many buildings, which doesn't look so good.

Also I realized that the trains (engines) are much slower and more expensive, which is pretty annoying, especiallu when you begin and have no money.. Why is this?


There's been a deep rebalancing process, so pak128 economy may have changed a bit.

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I think the default starting money of player should be increased, I always increase it in my, else I can't make anything witheout fall indebt.