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Install doesn't work

Started by fherb, June 30, 2016, 09:43:06 PM

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I've read Timothys

My server is a rented server with Ubuntu and it works since 2 years with some software successfully. Now I want to use it also as a game server to play Simutrans from different client devices.

At first, some weeks ago, I actualized my PAK128.german on my local PC and I had big stabilization problems with the last official release of Simutrans. So I tried nightlies and with release 7799 I had no more problems. This is the start point to move from PC to server now.

So I downloaded the Linux- and Windows release 7799. Windows as client on my PC (and later Laptop also) and Linux as future server. I moved the PAK128.german in this directories and also save/savegame into the directory on the Linux server.

When I try to start the server with

root@v22015092996427589:/var/opt/simutrans# simutrans -server 8200

I get only this answer:

Die Anwendung »simutrans« ist momentan nicht installiert. Sie können sie durch folgende Eingabe installieren:
apt-get install simutrans

(The application >>simutrans<< is not installed. You can install by using: apt-get...)

And when I try

/var/opt/simutrans/simutrans -server 8200

bash: /var/opt/simutrans/simutrans: Datei oder Verzeichnis nicht gefunden

Why? I used the Linux download on the nightly build web page.

Best regards Frank!


Not sure if it is the issue, but the nightly requires a graphical display. If you want headless/console display you need to compile with the color_depth=0 or something like that.


Has the simutrans file the rights to execute? chmod 755 /var/opt/simutrans/simutrans
To execute you have to either use the full path or ./simutrans -server ......


@ Vladki: Yes, chmod is correct.
@ HaydenRead: Thanks. So I have to compile it.