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Get debug output

Started by hreintke, July 13, 2016, 09:51:04 AM

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Back after about 18 months without simutrans and working on another laptop as before -> setting up environment.
Running Windows 8, MSVC 2013 :  compiling and running latest svn (and local patches) is working OK.

Trouble to get debug output working again.
Should be "simutrans -debug 3" but when I enter that in the cmd window, simutrans just starts "normally".

Same with the current nightly binary version I tried.

Must have missed an (obvious?) part of documentation.

Any hint appreciated.


I don't remember if it is "-log 3 -debug" or "-log -debug 3", but I'm pretty sure you must have "-log" in there somehow.


Tried all those combinations without success.

Strange is that when I start with "simutrans -h" which should display command line options it just returns without any output.


Looks like -h/--help prints to stdout, and is therefore not visible on Windows (unless you explicitly chose to build Simutrans as a console application and not a GUI application).


It is "-debug 3 -log". The log file is in the simutrans directory. Something like "My Documents/simutrasnn"
Parsley, sage, rosemary, and maggikraut.


Looked for the simu.log in the wrong (.exe) directory instead of the  Documents/simutrans.

Solved, thanks for the help