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Biarticulated and Articulated Buses VOLVO B12M

Started by Wender, December 05, 2008, 11:21:32 PM

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Hello, everyone, I bring you all my second choice about urban bus, but now they are normal ones (not Trolleybus).

These add-ons were produced entirely starting from Leandro's original buses, so I consider them as "new models" of Leandro's. This time, I didn't make them based on Curitiba's buses (City of Brazil) as Leandro did; I made the painting of them based on Sao Paulo city's ones (Brazil).

VOLVO B12M's chassis is one of the most adorable by people who love buses (known in Brazil as "busólogos") because they are very powerful. Then, I produced these add-ons with great affection, but they are in TEST, so I ask suggestions about any aspect, as you all know, I'm a beginner on it.

They are available in a package of 5 colors: red, orange, green, light blue and gray (Central). Here is a picture and download package with all of them.

Thanks and see you soon,

Wender Borges


Wow, aren't they pretty? I can't wait to use it.


Oops, how did this slip under my radar?

I like the strong definition (contrast?) on them. Very easy to see that it is a bus...

My projects... Tools for messing with Simutrans graphics. Graphic archive - templates and some other stuff for painters. Development logs for most recent information on what is going on. And of course pak128!


Thanks for more reference. I'm looking at them now and... they are pretty!


do someone still have Volvo Bxx addons saved? I'm sad, because I didn't play simutrans for some time and also changed my PC and due of that all addons was deleted from my old machine. I'm missing this buses (better if you found articulated) in my game, because they have much capacity for passangers and also looks good.

Hope you understand. Thank you.. :-)