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North Carolina Highways Addon

Started by dwpvdk, July 19, 2016, 03:37:18 AM

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A set of roads based on the highway system in North Carolina, USA. The specific type of road emulated is the primary "NC Highway." The speed limit is roughly 55mph (I rounded to 90km/h) as this is the default speed limit on all roads in NC outside of the zoning limits of municipalities. The different centerline looks and junction configurations are purely aesthetic.

As this is my first addon for Simutrans, any feedback and suggestions would be much appreciated.


Version 2 (EDIT)

Angled junction configurations are now available.


Version 3 (EDIT) Jul. 21, 2016

Multilane and divided highways are now available. These have a speed limit of 140km/h (full highway speeds) and are introduced much later, in 1955, to reflect the introduction of multilane and multi-carriageway corridors along with the creation of Interstate Highways in the mid-1950s.


Version 4 (EDIT) Jan. 8, 2017

Left turn lanes are now available along with "blank" pavement for medians and crossing access for fully divided highways. A little guidance on the usage of the left turn lane tool is provided below.

Check it out: