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Empty/black output on Blender

Started by Spenk009, July 10, 2015, 11:01:39 AM

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Sources: GitHub for Pak128.Britain, Blender 2.75a. Tutorial from The Hood

I've taken some time to get my head around Blender, where I took the Austin Metro from GitHub and modified it to suit a Wolseley 16/60, my attempt is attached. I followed the tutorial but the output is entirely black.

Is this an issue with the lighting setup?


There was a fourth visible layer. I removed that and got a working render.

Now I'm missing the rotations.

Edit: On other files, the rotations work. Just not on this one. Have I broken some set-up for multiple angles? The Location and Rotation fields are shaded yellow. Is this what's causing the issue?

I solved it by clearing the Keyframes on the Location and Rotation fields.