Author Topic: No passengers or cargo will load onto anything. no trains no busses. nothing  (Read 815 times)

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Can someone tell me why nothing will load onto any transportation method. i have all of the garage things that they get made in i have all of the stops i have all the paths leading to them. i would like to know why this is happening  :(
btw im using the comic pak

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You don't describe much specifics, so I can simple give the standard answers.
  • In the default configuration, everything has a destination. They/it will not board/load unless there is a route to that particular place. For industries, check the industries information window to see which other industries they trade with. For passengers and mail, you need to cover many buildings before passengers really begin to flow. Some buildings, including some industries, are a bigger source and destination than other things.
  • Check that the stop is of the correct type for the given cargo. Stations may require special buildings.
  • Check that the station/stop actually covers the industry it is trying to server, or just plain buildings for passengers.
  • Check that the vehicles can carry the things you want them to carry.