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Pak64: losses with paper transport

Started by Herocrafter, February 23, 2009, 02:34:11 PM

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ST 101 pak 64 (both 14 feb 09 nightly)

Is hauling paper always done at a loss?  If it isn't,  I don't understand why not.  My newbieness sees the round trip cost of every road, rail, boat and plane outpacing the income earned.  Am I correct in my understanding this?


I reported that problem (with regard to trains) in the German forum:


Ok.  I just didn't know if I was missunderstanding the cost/income. At first I kept trying to find that magic combination of vehicles that would at least break even, afterwards I roughly did the math; no joy there either.  I then thought how profitable some lines were and that maybe this was a way to lower those (Printer won't use costly Ink w/o paper).  But its a rather hard wall a newbie empire builder hits.


Some time ago, I made a new paper train to achieve a higher speed. I computed that it would give me a profit of 0,06 a km, a roll. But now I see it's not profitable at all, unless it should:

By the way, the paper ship should be lowered in price, since it's not profitable at all. The wood ship has the same problem transporting planks.

It seems to be a general problem that the EnCo ships are to expensive to be profitable. The ships I recently used, I made a new price:
Wood: 32, instead of 98
Paper: 16, instead of 32

Others may be lowered in price, but I think most can be profitable.

But, I'm still wondered that my train isn't profitable. It loses about 240, each time it drives up and down ...


It seems that the problem comes from the manufacture of paper
I have the same problem but with the train, the train is not profitable, even, exist missed by charge the goods
I have tried with different cars and locomotives and i always lost money.
I hope to review this issue because i really believe that there is a cost error
I have a message about this in the forum (Spanish)
Link here


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For Pak64 102.2.2, the H-Trans paper truck + trailer is profitable. Though a SingCo BR289 2-8-2 with 12 DMC paper cars doesn't hurt the bottom line too much.