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Started by z9999+, September 05, 2016, 07:50:16 AM

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Sorry, this infomation is only written in Japanese.



Isaac Eiland-Hall

Quote2016/9/6 update:
Already it has confirmed that you can access the Japanese forum / wiki without changing the hosts file.
If you are editing the hosts file, disabling the changed item, or please delete.

Another problem has occurred due to the new server configuration, but such as the future of the announcement done in Japanese forum / wiki.

I apologize for the problems. I assume there's probably a php module missing that's required. If it can be figured out which one(s), I can easily get them running - shortly.

There is a temporary problem I'm working on resolving, which is that the server's kernel is incorrect, leading to a lack of certain features. I'm sorry to say it will take me probably at least a day to get this resolved, but I'm working on it.

edit: mbstring, from the other thread? Hopefully so. :)