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pak128.Sweden-Ex Screenshots

Started by Ves, September 14, 2016, 10:09:02 AM

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This thread will show what this pakset looks like for those that have not been to the swedish board.
Currently it is a snapshot of previously showed screenshots, have not had time to make new screenshots just yet!

Steam engine littera A pulling three cars

A Freight yard featuring the littera Ma and a bunch of freight cars with clipping errors...

How I imagine the forrest "factory" would produce threes. The house is the "factory" it self and all the brown tiles are coded as fields. The point being that they will occupy more tiles as the factory grows bigger.

Littera Y1

Littera X40

The "R" family

I have made these buildings out of 1 tile blocks, which has been put together in the dat-file. This has the advantage of beeing very flexible and modular, and the disadvantage that it is a pain to code the dat-file.

Some Emu's from different ages

I made some experiment with player colors on some of the Emu's. The lower most track features the actual paintscheme without player colors.

The Dm3 can haul an incredible amount of cars

The Rc locos having a bunch of cars from the 1960ies

Ending up this post with the freshest picture at the moment: Alpha blendings on the signals facing away.
Also, you can see the placement of the Devel-new version signals.

If you have any screenshot, dont hesitate to share!

Changed server to Isaacs server (thanks Isaac!)
Changed to flickr


I see that we now have a Swedish pakset board - excellent!

Unfortunately, however, the screenshots do not seem to work for me.
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Yes, that is excellent! :)
I get grey hair from that picture issue. I just started using Imgur, but I read online that other people also are having issues with pictures not showing up. I will see what else is out there.

edit: Out of interrest, can anybody else see the pictures?


The screenshots are visible on Firefox (Android) and very pretty.


I can see them if I copy and paste the URLs manually - perhaps you could provide a link as well as the embedded image so that those having problems can see them?
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Want to help with development? See here for things to do for coding, and here for information on how to make graphics/objects.

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I'm glad you like them :)
If you want any of this, you can grab from the sources (they are linked somewhere in this forum) and compile your own versions to use with the British pakset, alternatively use the individual pak files from the already compiled pakset, existing on the Note that nothing is balanced and you would have to do some datfile editing.

If this picture problem refuses to resolve, I will put a link under each picture as well. Strange it works for some and not for others!

A picture of one of the new T-signals in a snowy landscape

And another T-signal, this one is the Absolute block working method being tested

Changed server


For those that struggles to see the files from imgur, this thread have some solutions you might try:

I have changed the server to the one Isaac provides, big thank you to you! :)

And another picture to celebrate:

A bunch of commercial cars. This picture also has been presented before, but I accidentally uploaded it to the server, so I might as well just add it here :)
The commercial cars are the one on the right track and are modelled after real world cars. The train on the left track hold the same car in "unpainted" condition.


The X60:

X60: In traffic from the year 2005 and a popular short range commuter train. The train is configurable to have a minimum of 4 cars, to a maximum of 6 cars.


Since there need to be some signal boxes around to house the crew that operates the old signals, some houses where needed. But the houses that resembles a signal box, looks in fact like normal houses normal people would live in, demanding some consideration of how to approach painting houses in general. I had painted some houses in the past, but I am not completely sure about them in terms of scale and style. The new houses are approx 18 meters pr tile, and I think it looks ok compared to the enviroment.

I looked at the simplest houses that I could think of and made some variations of them, one wood (red with white borders, of corse!) and one in brick with some ornamentation on it:

The two L-shaped brick houses at the bottom is the same house, turned 90 degrees.

What do you think of the scale, does it work?


These are really nice. I don't remember what scale was decided for trains, anyway this looks OK. Might be worth trying one house in other scale to compare?

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The trains are around 24 meter or tile, for comparison.


Work is going slowly forward, its easy to take too much water over ones head!

But, some new signal boxes are made, even featuring alphablending on the roof!

These are all mechanical signal boxes. They might still get some details added, like ground patterns or other ground material so it doenst look so bare.

The two lower ones are outdoor turning handles, only capable of handling mechanical semaphores.
The two upper ones have indoor vertical handles, and can therefore support signals further away. They are also able to support electricity to daylight signals, although no track circuit block is possible.
The red/yellow sign on the daylight signals is a fictive sign that shows that they are absolute block signals. Also, the distant signal has gotten some details added, but its difficult to see on the image


Very nice. I really like the mechanical distant signal, with the big pulley at the bottom.


I would like to add some small details to more signals at some point!

Incidentally, the red/yellow sign on the daylight absolute block signal has been made very much smaller, since it felt too wrong having such a big fictive sign being so visually demanding.
Have no screenshot yet though.


Oh, time is passing on, but I have made some additions lately:

First the signal package has become quite big, now featuring semaphores with big pulley wheels as well as newer smaller electrical equipment:

Also, freshly painted is an old Ao1 from the year 1908:

Since the previous was closed down, I have also moved the pictures to a flickr acount.


How lovely! Can you post a link to the Flickr account? It would be good to post a link to it on the Simutrans-Extended Facebook group.
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Want to help with development? See here for things to do for coding, and here for information on how to make graphics/objects.

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Download Simutrans-Extended.

Want to help with development? See here for things to do for coding, and here for information on how to make graphics/objects.

Follow Simutrans-Extended on Facebook.


When you first get started doing these cars, its only a matter of changing the color and windows, and vupti, you have a new car!  :)

A(II) - is hauling with an A-tender, from beginning of the 1900
G4 - Small good car from around 1880
Ao1 - first class car from 1908
Bo3 - second class car from 1902
Co1 - third class car from 1896

I think I got the colors more or less right.

Will soon have to start programing the classes accordingly..


The last was quite a while ago, I take it you haven't had time to do any more work? The classes are still unimplemented.


Yes, I have been quite buisy this winther and spring, with a huge exam-concert, a huge project in my orchestra, practicing towards a big position in another orchestra and moving to another flat on top of that  :P
My main Simutrans time has gone into playing the online game and attempted to code some GUI-stuff for the new features, but I have painted some more of those cars and I believe to have found out that those cars where unfortunately not painted in those colorfull colors by SJ, but by other companies. The SJ ones seems to have been brownish all together of them.
I experimented on my local computer to implement classes, and I was thinking what kind of classes should be included, and if they should share the naming convention of pak.britain or not, and if there should be the same amount.
We definitely need three classes, as there where three different train classes, and question is if there should be a fourth and a fifth class like britain has it.
Regarding the naming, one could name them something like this instead of low to high (throwing some ideas out here):

Luxuary (Lyxklass)
Fine (Finklass)
Normal (Normalklass)
Cheap (Billigklass)

I have hesitated to go code this into the pakset because I have not felt secure of what approach should be taken. I feel that this concept is something that should be decided upon before rather than after.


Working on a new building:

Östersund Stadshus.



As you probably noticed from our previous conversations, I speak fluent swedish... And I think the "Billigklass" should have the name "Budgetklass" or something other, "Billigklass" doesn't sound that perfect... That's my thoughts...

Nice "Stadshus", I wonder whose idea that was...  :D :P



Credit goes to you for the inspiration  ;)

Please add to the discussion on classes! There is a thread where some thoughts has been mentioned by me and others! I would love to hear yours.


This is going to be a big boy:

2x4 tiles

Im creating this building modular, so one will be able to put the pieces together in different ways and so make different buildings.


You intend to use those like the 1870-1920 tenement blocks in Britain, where they are combinable into courtyard blocks?


Yes that would be optimum if they can do just that. I just need to make sure when I paint the blocks that they fit together. The middle four blocks of this building, however, will be bound together, since there is a huge tower at the centre of it, which will have to be split into two halves.


Good summer to all of you!

The Östersund Rådhus (city hall) is slowly coming along:

I know some of the proportions are not right, I had to make some choices to make the building(s) fit inside the tiles.

Already from the existing pieces, one can build different buildings, sort of..

Besides finishing all the tiles for the city hall (two tiles of stairs and walkways between the wings, along with all rotations) I will add some simple modules that can be used in conjunction with the existing pieces to add variation. Also adding some doors and windows to the faces that are currently solid walls.



Is it possible to switch the cityhall in the standard game to have this instead? (Like one of those for bigger cities?) Anyone who knows?
Btw, I'm back from holidays to start playing Simutrans again!



Currently it exists not as a city hall, but as 6 different factories which is placed manually next to each other (for testing purposes). In order to properly make it a city hall, the datfile must be created. However, now it ONLY exists in this rotation. It's pretty easy to rotate it to the other direction which would be needed to allow it to become an asymmetric building, it is "just" to mirror all individual buildings and apply the correct shadows for them.
That is one of the things on the todo list with it ?


Nice! And very good work. If you're from Östersund you recognize it directly!



The other day I got inspired to do a proper platform, with big round roof and roof windows.

Google image search:

The google link above goes to a picture search with lots of hits for Malmö Centralstation, a station which have these iconic arches above the platforms.
While drawing, I first reallized that I could not make stops with more than 1 "height", and the structure is so big that it doesnt fit into one 128*128 square. It was only a problem for the graphics with the platform on the lower side of the track, but I came around it by defining the topmost part "backimage", while the rest is "frontimage".

Anyway, here is a picture of the painted platform:

To show the vehicles inside the station, I for fun replaced the lower platform building with just a normal platform:

Although I think it looks surprisingly good, I think it would be a shame to hardcode the platform this way..

Then i ran into an issue:
On the real station the platforms extend beyond the covered platform. When you try to do that with my platform this is the result:

The end cap on the buildings will not be displayed.
Unfortunately it wont be possible to paint the end cap on to each segment, as that would be visible through the roof windows. I would love a datfile parameter that forces the platform to use the end cap when it is in the end of similar platform, but that is probably not going to happen.
I could make an extra platform object that always paints endcaps but that would clutter the toolbar too much I think. Any ideas?


QuoteBack to the original topic. You could make it as 3 different stations: with roof (where the end tile has the nice end at the edge of tile like now), special transition (has end of roof everywhere), and just platform.

And maybe fourth, with open hall to see inside
True. However the best thing would now be if that extension request could perhaps be implemented! ;D

So, going back to the Östersund city hall, this turned out to be a mere beast of a building.....

Meassuring 4 x 3 tiles, I guess this city hall should be for a rather big city. The real Östersund has ca 50.000 inhabitants (wikipedia) which would count as a medium sized city in Sweden, so I wonder wether we need another city hall that is even bigger?

Anyway, that question will remain until potential new inspiration shows up!

The building is built of modules, which can be rearranged. I have painted one additional set of "endcaps" and a smaller terrace which currently is used on the smaller cityhall (meassuring only 4 x 2 tiles). I figure that one could perhaps squeeze one more city hall out of the graphics, but it should either be smaller (or bigger for that matter....) than the now two existing ones. I do anyway plan on painting one big middle section, which could be used together with the endcaps to create a building without the tower, however, that would need something else interresting instead.

Now the pictures:

Im especially proud of the backside:

And now the smaller city hall:

Backside of that:

If anyone see any inconsistence, for instance a reversed shadow, please let me know, since there are alot of details that one can overlook.


Really nice. I think this is big enough for even the biggest town. Although in reality big cities have city hall split into more buildings, and even separate city halls for each part of the city.
For smallest towns you could use one of the side wings as a town hall, then the main building (perhaps without tower and later with tower), and the complete thing for the biggest towns.
Maybe for villages something completely different - like one of the backyard houses ;)


Thank you. I kind of agree that it would not make much sense to make an even bigger one, as this is quite big indeed!

I created this small little bugger using the two wings. I modified it slightly by adding windows between the two new (very very small) wings, which will now show up on the big house as well.

I know there is no clock, which I believe should be on basicly all townhalls, I might make a frontimage clock that one can put onto the building.

What do you think of the step up to the terrasse, does it look stupid?


Either there should be stairs from road to the terrace, or it should be at the same level as road. Also there should be a paved path from the side doors to the edge of tile. That small strip of grass looks funny.


I have not yet painted a pavement, the one you see is the one from normal pak.128 I believe. When I come around to do that, all buildings, which are supposed to have pavement, will get that.

Thanks, I will rethink a bit how the terrace is painted (it is kind of "hard painted" at the moment), and see what I can come up with.

So, now it is possible to build all tiles of the house without the terrace in front of it.

I also rearranged the chimneys, moving a chimney to another piece, since four large chimneys might be a tad too much for such a small building


Hmm, perhaps add back the staircases to the main entrances. They look too high now.


I started to give the pavement a thought, and came up with a pavement that Im happy with and included that with the townhalls:

I think I will put variations in the pavement tiles on the bigger cityhall eventually, like sprinkle water or shrubberage.

Does the small house still needs stairs? I made the doors taller to make them more "entrence like" and minimizing the gap between the bottom floor and second flor.
Speaking of bottom floor, it looks very empty in the small city hall. It is designed in a way so I can draw whatever I want below the second floor windows, as that will be covered by the terace graphics, however I cant really decide on what to draw. What do you think?


Hi again! (Been away from Simutrans for a while again, and I gave up with my painting, it wasn't quite my thing...)
But I think it's really fun to discuss this with you while enjoying some relaxing transport simulation!

It looks a bit incomplete when there aren't any stairs or anything else in the "Grangärde"-picture, it needs something more, I think it should "stand" on something, like a ground with cement or similar to rise it up and then have some stairs to the ground.

Have you though about "kullersten" for your ground? (That's what they use irl  :) )

I still think that the biggest townhall must be in-game, it's really pretty - you have painted it very well.
When does the townhall change in terms of population? The biggest you've painted could be the absolute biggest townhall in-game, and then step downwards with the smaller ones on the "townhall scale"?
You think there's a way to use this in Standard? I'm more into pak128 in Standard than experimental... But I really appreciate the things you do here and that's why I NEED them in "my" pakset!  :D



Thank you for the comment! :) I have also been away and still cannot devote as much time as I want into Simutrans due to other reasons, yet, so sorry for the very long absent answer!

I get your point that it looks like it misses something, perhaps rizing it up a little would be better after all. Will give it a try!

The "problem" with the pavements is that there can only ever be one single pavement texture (AFAIK) in the pakset, so it has to be choosen wisely so it fits from 1850 until today. Of corse another pavement texture could be aplied directly to the building tiles, but it would have problems blending in with the generic sideroad pavement. So having cobblestone ("Kullersten") next to the cityhall would mean that all sideroad pavements also should be cobblestone, which of corse still could be an option, much like it is in the british pakset.
I will have a think on the issue and perhaps try some techniques out to see if I can generate a good enough result :)

Currently, I have just thought up some values in regards to population.
I think actually they are good to go directly into a standard pakset just as they are. You would have to download a precompiled pakset (found here: and locate the three pak files which contains the three different buildings, which should be fairly obvious by the name.

If you know how to compile using makeobj, you can go and grab the sources (and modify them yourself!) from my github repository.