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pak128.Sweden-Ex Screenshots

Started by Ves, September 14, 2016, 10:09:02 AM

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QuoteBack to the original topic. You could make it as 3 different stations: with roof (where the end tile has the nice end at the edge of tile like now), special transition (has end of roof everywhere), and just platform.

And maybe fourth, with open hall to see inside
True. However the best thing would now be if that extension request could perhaps be implemented! ;D

So, going back to the Östersund city hall, this turned out to be a mere beast of a building.....

Meassuring 4 x 3 tiles, I guess this city hall should be for a rather big city. The real Östersund has ca 50.000 inhabitants (wikipedia) which would count as a medium sized city in Sweden, so I wonder wether we need another city hall that is even bigger?

Anyway, that question will remain until potential new inspiration shows up!

The building is built of modules, which can be rearranged. I have painted one additional set of "endcaps" and a smaller terrace which currently is used on the smaller cityhall (meassuring only 4 x 2 tiles). I figure that one could perhaps squeeze one more city hall out of the graphics, but it should either be smaller (or bigger for that matter....) than the now two existing ones. I do anyway plan on painting one big middle section, which could be used together with the endcaps to create a building without the tower, however, that would need something else interresting instead.

Now the pictures:

Im especially proud of the backside:

And now the smaller city hall:

Backside of that:

If anyone see any inconsistence, for instance a reversed shadow, please let me know, since there are alot of details that one can overlook.


Really nice. I think this is big enough for even the biggest town. Although in reality big cities have city hall split into more buildings, and even separate city halls for each part of the city.
For smallest towns you could use one of the side wings as a town hall, then the main building (perhaps without tower and later with tower), and the complete thing for the biggest towns.
Maybe for villages something completely different - like one of the backyard houses ;)


Thank you. I kind of agree that it would not make much sense to make an even bigger one, as this is quite big indeed!

I created this small little bugger using the two wings. I modified it slightly by adding windows between the two new (very very small) wings, which will now show up on the big house as well.

I know there is no clock, which I believe should be on basicly all townhalls, I might make a frontimage clock that one can put onto the building.

What do you think of the step up to the terrasse, does it look stupid?


Either there should be stairs from road to the terrace, or it should be at the same level as road. Also there should be a paved path from the side doors to the edge of tile. That small strip of grass looks funny.


I have not yet painted a pavement, the one you see is the one from normal pak.128 I believe. When I come around to do that, all buildings, which are supposed to have pavement, will get that.

Thanks, I will rethink a bit how the terrace is painted (it is kind of "hard painted" at the moment), and see what I can come up with.

So, now it is possible to build all tiles of the house without the terrace in front of it.

I also rearranged the chimneys, moving a chimney to another piece, since four large chimneys might be a tad too much for such a small building


Hmm, perhaps add back the staircases to the main entrances. They look too high now.


I started to give the pavement a thought, and came up with a pavement that Im happy with and included that with the townhalls:

I think I will put variations in the pavement tiles on the bigger cityhall eventually, like sprinkle water or shrubberage.

Does the small house still needs stairs? I made the doors taller to make them more "entrence like" and minimizing the gap between the bottom floor and second flor.
Speaking of bottom floor, it looks very empty in the small city hall. It is designed in a way so I can draw whatever I want below the second floor windows, as that will be covered by the terace graphics, however I cant really decide on what to draw. What do you think?


Hi again! (Been away from Simutrans for a while again, and I gave up with my painting, it wasn't quite my thing...)
But I think it's really fun to discuss this with you while enjoying some relaxing transport simulation!

It looks a bit incomplete when there aren't any stairs or anything else in the "Grangärde"-picture, it needs something more, I think it should "stand" on something, like a ground with cement or similar to rise it up and then have some stairs to the ground.

Have you though about "kullersten" for your ground? (That's what they use irl  :) )

I still think that the biggest townhall must be in-game, it's really pretty - you have painted it very well.
When does the townhall change in terms of population? The biggest you've painted could be the absolute biggest townhall in-game, and then step downwards with the smaller ones on the "townhall scale"?
You think there's a way to use this in Standard? I'm more into pak128 in Standard than experimental... But I really appreciate the things you do here and that's why I NEED them in "my" pakset!  :D



Thank you for the comment! :) I have also been away and still cannot devote as much time as I want into Simutrans due to other reasons, yet, so sorry for the very long absent answer!

I get your point that it looks like it misses something, perhaps rizing it up a little would be better after all. Will give it a try!

The "problem" with the pavements is that there can only ever be one single pavement texture (AFAIK) in the pakset, so it has to be choosen wisely so it fits from 1850 until today. Of corse another pavement texture could be aplied directly to the building tiles, but it would have problems blending in with the generic sideroad pavement. So having cobblestone ("Kullersten") next to the cityhall would mean that all sideroad pavements also should be cobblestone, which of corse still could be an option, much like it is in the british pakset.
I will have a think on the issue and perhaps try some techniques out to see if I can generate a good enough result :)

Currently, I have just thought up some values in regards to population.
I think actually they are good to go directly into a standard pakset just as they are. You would have to download a precompiled pakset (found here: and locate the three pak files which contains the three different buildings, which should be fairly obvious by the name.

If you know how to compile using makeobj, you can go and grab the sources (and modify them yourself!) from my github repository.